Choosing an Executive Coach

How do you choose an Executive Coach?

So you now know what coaching iswhat type of coaching you need, have more clarity on what happens in coaching, have an idea of the area of focus for coaching, have explored your concerns about coaching, and know the benefits of coaching.

So you’re now asking yourself, “where do I start with the task of choosing an executive leadership coach that’s right for me?”

Take a look at their testimonials, their blog, even their social media like LinkedIn to get an idea of their style and approach, plus the results past and current clients have been able to achieve.

Consider fit carefully. You don’t need them to be the same personality type as you, but they should be someone you would feel comfortable working with and be comfortable being totally honest and potentially vulnerable with. They should challenge you enough to stretch your abilities, but you shouldn’t feel intimidated by them.

However, just feeling comfortable with your coach isn’t enough. You also want to be sure that they can support you achieve your goals.

Ask for case studies, and what experience they have of working with leaders at your level, or with similar goals.

It’s also good to be sure they have a recognised coach qualification, and a membership of an established professional coaching body.

Be wary of anyone who guarantees any specific results. No coach can guarantee you results, regardless of their experience and past success with other clients. How much you get out of the process will depend significantly on your own commitment as the coachee.

Working with me

Being a senior leader comes with a unique set of challenges: feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending challenges, pressures and complexities of working in organisations; faced with a diary full of meetings and ever-changing targets – it’s tough.

As a busy leader in a fast-paced organisation, the most important thing you can do is to focus on what energises you and what you do well. This is something that leadership coaching will help you with.

Failing to focus on yourself and your leadership practice can result in a busy approach of doing what comes next, rather than what needs to be done.

Trying to do everything instead of working from your strengths, you’ll start second-guessing yourself. You’ll find it harder to focus, and lack the confidence to make decisions or effectively manage your team. Now is a good time to think about leadership coaching for yourself.

I believe you already have the knowledge and experience to answer your own questions. You just need time, away from all the chaos, where you can focus on you. I help you slow down, confront your ‘home truths’ and start using your strengths.

My challenge is always, let’s start with you. Could you be getting in your own way?

Change starts with you.

This won’t always be easy – working with me is not just a coffee and a chat! I’m devoted to challenging leaders to challenge their complacent thinking and habitual behaviours in order to develop and grow.

But, by focusing on how you work and what’s important to you, we can find ways for you to increase your personal effectiveness and start to flourish in your life and work.

If you’re ready to take the next step, book in a call with me to see how I can help you:

  • Believe in yourself and your abilities as a leader – Instead of experiencing overwhelm and crushing self-doubt, you’ll feel confident, inspired and actively seek opportunities to grow.
  • Boost your resilience – Develop the mental and emotional toughness to stop overthinking and stand by your decisions. Discover the tools to address under performance, manage conflict, and clearly express what you think and feel.
  • Feel energised and reconnected to your purpose – With a clear vision for yourself and your organisation, you can focus on where you add value and what you do well. You’ll soon feel you’re making a positive contribution at work.

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You can’t be a great leader, if you’re not a great you.

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