What are the areas of focus for Executive Coaching?

What are the areas of focus for Executive Coaching?

The coaching I provide starts with an initial 30 minute complimentary call to learn more about you, your challenges, your motivation to change, and an initial identification of your coaching needs. We also cover what you’re looking for in a coaching relationship, and my coaching approach.

In this initial contact with each other, we are looking for answers to ‘can I work with you?’ and ‘how do I feel about you?’

We also look at the areas of focus for your coaching, which tends to determine how long we work together for.

The specific focus areas vary greatly from client to client, however, the main areas of focus in leadership and executive coaching sessions are usually related to self-leadership, leadership skills, presence and engagement, and relationship building.

Some specific areas of focus I’ve worked on with my senior leader clients are:

  • Developing a strong vision
  • Identifying personal values
  • Identifying and building on core strengths
  • Developing resilience and mental toughness
  • Coping with time and stress challenges
  • Improving communication and interpersonal skills
  • Developing effective networks and relationships
  • Addressing difficult conversations and conflict management
  • Developing inspiring leadership skills
  • Developing confidence as a leader

Based on the areas above, our initial conversation would look at 6 sessions spread over 3-6 months. Learn more about previous senior leaders I’ve supported.



"Andrea has made a tangible difference to the delivery of the services I lead." 
When I met Andrea, I was overwhelmed by the challenges and complexities of managing a key service in the NHS. I needed the time and space to think, away from the workplace, so I could clearly express my thoughts and feelings, and consider the impact of my decisions on the patients in my care.

Her ability to get to the heart of the issue means you are gaining invaluable insight into your own behaviours and drivers and those of others. This 'thinking time' helped me implement a new, re-designed service and make significant efficiencies. My work was even nominated for awards! Many thanks for all your support Andrea, you have given me clarity of thought in chaotic times and during periods of great change within the NHS.
Andrea Goodridge's Leadership Coaching Client
Jan Wilson, Divisional Director Allied Health Professions, NHS

Sometimes, there’s a specific thing you want to focus on, then you might benefit from a one-off coaching session.

Areas previous clients have focused on include:

  • Setting a clear vision
  • Identifying your core values
  • Identifying your strengths and what energises you, using Strengthscope® assessment and feedback
  • Measure your Mental Toughness, using an MTQPlus assessment and feedback
  • Identify your personality type and appreciate differences between people, using MBTI® assessment and feedback
  • Identifying your default approach to conflict, using TKI assessment and feedback
  • Managing your focus including diary management

A one-off session can be useful to spark ideas, provide personal insights, and improve your skill a bit, but without follow-up sessions to reflect on what went well and what still needs work, it’s difficult to make real and sustainable changes.


"Your skill in peeling back the layers, really helped me look at my inner core."

When I started working with Andrea, I was unclear of my values and needed to revisit my vision and strengths. Andrea kept things simple and gave me the frameworks to facilitate my thinking. What stood out for me in the coaching sessions was the simplicity of getting to my core values. I had all the answers but needed to spend the time to look at them in detail without any other distractions.

Now I’m being my authentic self more of the time, building relationships with new colleagues and making decisions based on my values. Thank you Andrea, your skill in peeling back the layers, really helped me look at my inner core and built up a greater understanding of myself.
Andrea Goodridge's Leadership Coaching Client
Phil Bird, Head of Operations - Domiciliary, Specsavers

If you’d like to learn more about coaching and want to take the next step, let’s have a conversation to see how I can help you:

  • Believe in yourself and your abilities as a leader – Instead of experiencing overwhelm and crushing self-doubt, you’ll feel confident, inspired and actively seek opportunities to grow.
  • Boost your resilience – Develop the mental and emotional toughness to stop overthinking and stand by your decisions. Discover the tools to address under performance, manage conflict, and clearly express what you think and feel.
  • Feel energised and reconnected to your purpose – With a clear vision for yourself and your organisation, you can focus on where you add value and what you do well. You’ll soon feel you’re making a positive contribution at work.

Want to take some time out to reflect, recharge and refocus on you?

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