Leadership. It all starts with you

With leadership, it all starts with you. That’s why I help you focus on leading yourself first. Then you’ll be in a much better place to lead others with confidence.

Leadership. Portraying lots of different versions of 'you' at work and stuck in your head

Leadership challenge number 1

Fed up of portraying lots of different versions of 'you' at work?

It’s time to find the ‘real you.’

And when I say the real you, I mean who you really are (not the ‘pretend you’ you carry around to make the world think you’re OK).

Stop feeling anxious through overthinking and hiding your emotions.

Rethink your self-doubt, and tap into your emotions, so you can show up as the ‘real you’ and express what you really think and feel.

Leadership. Fail to connect with your colleagues and show up as a leader

Leadership challenge number 2

Frustrated as you fail to connect with your colleagues?

It’s time to focus on your presence.

And when I say presence, I mean how you show up with others and how you connect with others (it’s not just about turning up).

Stop using your ‘busyness’ as an excuse to avoid dealing with a lack of engagement.

Be assertive, and have honest conversations. Be explicit so your team know where they stand, while building accountability.

Leadership. Overwhelmed and need time out

Leadership challenge number 3

Overwhelmed as you continually rush around at 100mph?

It’s time to take time out.

And when I say time out, I mean take time out, away from the chaos and pressures of work, to reflect, recharge and refocus on you.

Stop focusing on everyone and
everything else.

Take time to check-in with yourself and look after your wellbeing. Remember you can’t be a great leader, if you’re exhausted.

A few places Andrea has been featured

Places Ad Florem and Andrea Goodridge has been featured in

Andrea's leadership motto.
You can't be a great leader, if you're not a great you.

"I really don't think I would still be doing the job if Andrea hadn't come along when she did." 

She helped me unpick the exact things that were causing me to be stressed and regain my sense of pride in all I have achieved in my career to date.

Now, I’m mostly back to full strength, happier and more fulfilled. My team are clearer about what I expect of them and how they need to perform their duties.
Example of Coaching Client with Andrea Goodridge, Rachel Cross
Rachel Cross, Head teacher, St Mary’s CE Primary School, Slough

"Andrea has made a tangible difference to the delivery of the services I lead."

Her ability to get to the heart of the issue means you are gaining invaluable insight into your own behaviours and drivers and those of others.

Many thanks for all your support Andrea, you have given me clarity of thought in chaotic times and during periods of great change within the NHS.
Jan Wilson, Divisional Director Allied Health Professions, NHS

Focus on leading yourself first with Self Leadership. Then you'll be in a much better place to lead others with confidence.

Andrea Goodridge in leadership coaching Ad Florem

Leadership Coaching

Stop and look within yourself. The answers are already in your head, you just need the time and space for them to emerge.

Andrea Goodridge facilitating group coaching, Ad Florem

Leadership Courses

Informative, engaging, enlightening. Learn and share with leaders and take ownership by applying what you learnt back at work.

Andrea Goodridge facilitating a leadership retreat, Ad Florem

Leadership Retreats

Reflect, recharge, refocus. Time to take stock, remember what makes you a great leader and make plans to put into practice.

You're in good company.

Leadership organisations Ad Florem and Andrea Goodridge has worked with coaching courses and retreats

Ad Florem won the Northern Enterprise Awards for
Best Leadership Development Consultancy in 2019

and the Influential Businesswoman Awards for
Leadership Coaching Director of the Year (UK) in 2021

Andrea Goodridge won Leadership Coaching Director Award
Andrea Goodridge - Ad Florem - Leadership Coach and Facilitator

Is this you?

Overwhelmed with your diary full of meetings and to-do list full of ‘stuff’?

Feel anxious as you find yourself stuck in your head and frustrated because you fail to connect with your colleagues?

While all this is going on, it saps your energy and you lose confidence in your abilities to lead. While you tell yourself you’re ‘doing OK’, deep down you know you’re capable of so much more.

You are.

Let me help.

Hi, I’m Andrea Goodridge, a qualified leadership coach and facilitator who supports leaders to focus on leading themselves first.

If I’m sure of anything from my 22 years’ experience, it’s this:

Whatever you feel is stopping you from feeling happy and positive or standing in the way of you achieving results – whether it’s your colleagues, your working environment or the culture of your organisation – it isn’t that!

My challenge is always, let’s start with you.

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