You can't be a great leader, if you're not a great you

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The Secret to Great Leadership? It Starts With You!

Can you relate to the 5 Biggest Challenges Leaders Face?

Feeling stuck in a rut, lacking purpose and fulfilment?
Struggling with imposter syndrome and negative self-talk?
Wasting time on low-value activities?
Struggling to engage your team?
Pushed yourself to the limits for years and in need of rest and recharge?

As a result, you’ve started to put yourself last, which has left you feeling dissatisfied and disconnected in your work and personal relationships. And despite all your hard work and effort; personal fulfilment, impact, and influence escapes you.


But you know deep down, that you're capable of so much more.


I understand these challenges because, in my two decades of experience supporting Executives and Leaders, I’ve learned that leadership goes beyond the surface.

It’s about more than just meetings, targets, challenges, change, strategies, and performance.

While many leadership programmes and coaching programmes focus on this ‘external stuff,’  I specialise in something different – the ‘internal stuff.’  Your innermost thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and desires, so you can lead yourself first. That way, you’ll be in a much better place to lead others with confidence.

My challenge to Executives and Leaders: let’s start with you.

Imagine speaking up for what you believe in, managing your time and energy effectively, and inspiring your team. Picture yourself with renewed confidence, clarity, and a balanced work-life relationship on your terms.

That’s the transformation I offer.

But it involves delving into your innermost thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and desires. It’s about putting yourself at the heart of leadership by awakening your inner leader. Because this is the secret to Great Leadership.

And that takes time, effort, and emotional energy.

So, I want to remind you that you have a choice to make. As my Dad used to say to me: It’s either important, or it’s not. You choose!

You see, I don’t believe in middle grounds in decision making.

When we stay in the middle, we float around wanting to do something different but never fully committing to it.

So, what will you choose?

Whatever you choose, embrace it wholeheartedly

If you choose YOU, let me help you thrive as a leader. Remember, my approach is different from traditional leadership coaching, because I focus on the ‘internal stuff.’  It’s a unique perspective on leadership that emphasises the importance of your inner world. So, if you want a different result, it’s time to do something different. But it’s going to take courage, commitment, honesty, intention, and confidence to focus on yourself and your leadership. But the rewards that you, your team and your loved ones get, will be worth it.

If you’re an Executive Director, Clinical Director, Headteacher, Head of Department, or Service Lead, and you’re nodding your head in agreement, then you’ll love my approach and how I can help you.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of my clients have to say

“Thank you so much Andrea. You’re strengthening me for sure. You have truly empowered me to reach for the skies.” Clinical Director, Healthcare

Leadership coaching for me, has been permission to stop everything. It’s been helpful to explore what’s happened, and beneficial in helping me to think differently. When you’re left alone in your Executive role, with no time to think, you can lose focus on yourself. The coaching I’ve had with Andrea gives you the space to look up, make the connections and see what’s relevant and important to you. It’s not for everyone though, because you have to be open and willing to change. Coaching has been permission to stop, take time to reflect on myself and my leadership.” Executive Director

Remember, Leadership starts with you!

That's why putting yourself at the heart of leadership is my vision. It's about awakening your inner leader so you can lead with confidence, feel fulfilled, and thrive.

About Andrea Goodridge - Leadership Coach and Facilitator

Andrea Goodridge, Leadership Coach supporting leaders to focus on leading themselves first

With over 20 years’ experience, I’m more than aware of the core skills required for Great Leadership. I’m a true believer that Great Leadership starts with you. That’s why I support Executives and Leaders to focus on leading themselves first. Then they’ll be in a much better place to lead others with confidence. 

It’s why my vision was clear when I founded Ad Florem in 2015: to put self-leadership at the heart of leadership.

My coaching, facilitation and consulting is based on my experience of supporting Executives and Leaders across the NHS, private health, Local Government, transport, consultancy, sports, education, engineering, creatives, and marketing. I’ve distilled my insights into the ‘5 Principles of Great Leadership’, which helps Executives and Leaders align their leadership with who they really are. 

Clients have included leaders with job titles like Chief Executives, Executive Directors, Clinical Directors, Clinical Leads, Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, Consultants, Regional Managers, Heads of Department, Heads of Service, and Managing Directors. 

A strong believer in only spending time on activities that energise me, I encourage Executives and Leaders to do the same. I hold Level 7 qualifications in Coaching and Mentoring, and Action Learning Facilitation. And I’ve been recognised for my work through many publications and awards.

Leadership Coaching Support by Andrea Goodridge

All my leadership support, whether it’s 1:1 coaching, group coaching, masterclasses, or workshops, is about reflecting, learning and taking purposeful action to make changes. It’s about putting yourself at the heart of leadership by awakening your inner leader. Because this is the secret to Great Leadership.

You see, leadership isn’t what most people think it is. You may have previously attended leadership development programmes or read books on leadership. And you’ll have found the majority are focused on what I call the ‘external stuff’. Things that are going on around you, e.g., meetings, targets, challenges, change, strategies, performance etc.

The way I support leaders is to focus on what I call the ‘internal stuff’. Things that are going on inside in, e.g. your innermost thoughts, beliefs, feelings, desires. I look at Leadership in a totally different way. 

Andrea Goodridge of Ad Florem. Leadership Coach and Facilitator. Supporting leaders to focus on leading themselves first

Andrea's Unique Perspective on Leadership

My approach centres on my ‘5 Principles of Great Leadership’ a carefully sequenced approach designed to place your authentic self at the heart of leadership. It has many benefits including:

1 Purposeful Alignment: Empowering Your Authentic Journey.

  • Live in alignment with your purpose and values, focus on what you’re good at, and follow your dreams.
  • Feel energised, authentic, and aligned.
  • Have a renewed sense of motivation and purpose.
  • Now, you’re in control of yourself and your career by Leading from Within.
  • “Andrea’s coaching helped me rediscover my purpose and align it with my leadership. I now lead with a clear sense of direction and feel more motivated, and ready to take on new challenges.”

2 Confident Leadership: Harnessing Your Inner Voice.

  • Speak up for what you believe in, make decisions based on your values, share what you truly think and feel, challenge the status quo, push back without coming across negative or defensive, contribute to projects, and offer new insights.
  • Feel confident, self-assured, and positive.
  • Have a belief in yourself and your abilities. 
  • Now you’re able to challenge your thoughts and beliefs by Leading with Alignment.
  • “Thanks to Andrea, I’ve gained the confidence to lead with conviction and challenge the status quo. She’s been a true inspiration in helping me build my confidence as a leader.”

3 Effective Self-Management: Mastering Your Impact.

  • Manage your time and energy, focus on things that have the greatest impact, do what you say you’ll do, say no to others overloading you, and hold yourself accountable.
  • Feel fulfilled, impactful, and credible. 
  • Have a clear focus and a strong reputation for being intentional in your approach. 
  • Now you can do the ‘right stuff’ by Leading with Intention.
  • “Through Andrea’s coaching, I’ve found fulfilment in my leadership role. I now focus on what’s important and confidently say no to distractions. My credibility as a leader has never been stronger.”

4 Clear Expectations: Building Trust Through Leadership.

  • Give clarity and set expectations, have honest conversations, listen to others’ opinions, sense emotions in others, ask others for their opinions, deal with underperformance, hold your team to account, and inspire your team. 
  • Feel connected, assertive, and influential. 
  • Have a strong leadership presence built on trust. 
  • Now you can show up with others by Leading with Connection.
  • “Andrea helped me develop a leadership presence rooted in authenticity. I now feel confident to have the ‘difficult’  conversations and engage positively with my team.”

5 Balanced Well-being: Nurturing Your Whole Self.

  • Have clear boundaries, verbalise your needs and ask for help, disconnect from work and arrive home calm, and take time out to reflect, recharge and refocus. 
  • Feel happy, healthy and balanced. 
  • Have a belief in achieving work-life balance on your terms. 
  • Now you can give your loved ones the best version of yourself by Leading with Balance.
  • Working with Andrea has transformed my work-life balance. I’ve established clear boundaries with my work, prioritised self-care, and I’ve deepened my connections with my family. I can’t thank her enough for shining a light on the areas I’ve neglected for many years.”

If you choose to embrace the ‘internal stuff,’  awaken your inner leader, and put yourself at the heart of leadership, let’s chat! Schedule a call with me to explore how I can help you thrive as a leader by focusing on you., 

5 Principles of Great Leadership (1)

You're in good company!

I’ve had the privilege of supporting many Executives and Leaders, both independently and through their respective organisations. While some details can be shared publicly, please note that due to client confidentiality and contractual agreements, the names of some Executives and organisations are intentionally omitted.

Below is a glimpse of the organisations that have worked with me, along with Executives and Leaders from the UK’s largest independent Hospital Group, Professional Football Clubs, Academic Institutions, and many NHS Trusts and NHS National Bodies.

Organisations Ad Florem Worked With

"I really don't think I would still be doing the job if Andrea hadn't come along when she did." 

She helped me unpick the exact things that were causing me to be stressed and regain my sense of pride in all I have achieved in my career to date.

Now, I’m mostly back to full strength, happier and more fulfilled. My team are clearer about what I expect of them and how they need to perform their duties.
Example of Coaching Client with Andrea Goodridge, Rachel Cross
Rachel Cross, Head teacher, St Mary’s CE Primary School, Slough

"Andrea has made a tangible difference to the delivery of the services I lead."

Her ability to get to the heart of the issue means you are gaining invaluable insight into your own behaviours and drivers and those of others.

Many thanks for all your support Andrea, you have given me clarity of thought in chaotic times and during periods of great change within the NHS.
Jan Wilson, Divisional Director Allied Health Professions, NHS

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My work has gained global recognition, featured in numerous national and international publications, reinforcing my dedication to personal growth.

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A few places Andrea has been featured

Places Ad Florem and Andrea Goodridge has been featured in

Ad Florem has also been recognised by Feedspot as one of the Top 10 Self Leadership Blogs on the web!

Andrea and Ad Florem have won a few awards!

The Northern Enterprise Awards for Best Leadership Development Consultancy in 2019; The Influential Businesswoman Awards for Leadership Coaching Director of the Year (UK) in 2021; The Education and Training Awards for Best Leadership Development Consultancy UK, and Leadership Coaching Director of the Year (UK) in 2022; The Influential Businesswoman Awards for Business Skills Training Coach of the Year (North West England) in 2022; and The Education and Training Awards for Leadership Coach and Facilitator of the Year 2023 (Manchester).

Andrea Goodridge from Ad Florem won Northern Enterprise Awards
Andrea Goodridge from Ad Florem won Leadership Coaching Director Award Influential Businesswoman
Andrea Goodridge from Ad Florem won Education and Training Award

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