What are the different types of executive coaching?

What are the different types of coaching?

If you look up the term ‘coaching’ you’ll find life coaching, health and fitness coaching, business coaching, executive coaching …and the list goes on. All coaching offers a space for reflection and action, and there are many different types of coaching, catering to different individuals and different needs.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the common types of coaching:

Career Coaching

Career coaching helps you if you feel like you don’t know what your next career step should be; or if you do know, but you aren’t sure how to get there. It takes a specialised focus on your career concerns and helps you take positive action towards a fulfilling career.

Personal or life coaching

Personal or life coaching is predominantly focusing on helping you build a happy and fulfilling life. It’s helpful if you’re at a point where you want to bring about big changes to your life. It helps you identify what you want in life and how to take steps to achieve that. Life coaching can touch upon work and career issues, but it doesn’t usually provide any specific support for improving performance and career prospects in an existing role.

Performance coaching

Performance coaching is focusing on an improvement in your performance. It looks at you and the requirements of your job, where you are with your current performance, and development to improve your competence, confidence and overall performance.

Business coaching

Business coaching is focusing on helping business owners / leaders and their teams improve their overall business performance. It helps you take a step back and reflect on your current vision, values and strategy; address leadership and performance challenges; and develop a positive working environment.

Leadership coaching

This type of coaching is focused on helping leaders be ‘great leaders’. It provides the time and space away from the chaos and pressures of work, for you to reflect on yourself, explore your personal and leadership challenges, and make behavioural changes which impact positively on you and your team. This can include an organisational sponsor, which is usually your line manager.

Executive coaching

This type of coaching is similar to leadership coaching however it’s aimed at developing the leadership skills of the organisation’s senior leaders. Again, it provides the time and space away from the chaos and pressures of work, for you to reflect on yourself, with the main focus on exploring factors that enable you to grow personally and professionally whilst delivering organisational priorities. This can include an organisational sponsor, which is usually your line manager.

Leadership and Executive coaching is where I spend my time. With nearly 20 years’ experience supporting senior leaders, clinicians and business owners to excel in their roles; I love what I do!  I believe in only spending time on activities that energise me and where I feel I can add value.

Basically, if I’m not going to feel it, and be energised by it, I won’t perform at my best! I encourage you as senior leaders to do the same for yourselves. If this sounds like you, let’s have a chat to see how I can help you:

  • Believe in yourself and your abilities as a leader – Instead of experiencing overwhelm and crushing self-doubt, you’ll feel confident, inspired and actively seek opportunities to grow.
  • Boost your resilience – Develop the mental and emotional toughness to stop overthinking and stand by your decisions. Discover the tools to address under performance, manage conflict, and clearly express what you think and feel.
  • Feel energised and reconnected to your purpose – With a clear vision for yourself and your organisation, you can focus on where you add value and what you do well. You’ll soon feel you’re making a positive contribution at work.

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