Andrea Goodridge and her Dad

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Had

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What’s the best advice you’ve ever had?

The kind of advice that’s made a lasting difference to your life?

The kind that you return to regularly, and helps you through difficult situations?

For me, the best advice I’ve ever had was from my dad.

He told me:

Do what you love …surround yourself with great people …and the money will sort itself out.


I suppose you could say that’s three pieces of advice. However, for me, they’re all part of the same thing: being true to yourself and your values.


Do what you love

This is so important to me.

It makes a big difference – not only in how you feel about your work but in how effective you are as well. I feel fortunate to be able to work for myself and do what I love every day. Just like any other job, there are challenges to overcome. But focusing on doing what you love makes them so much easier to deal with.

Even when you’re self-employed, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of focusing your energy on the wrong things. This advice keeps me on track and focused on doing what energises me. When I’m doing work that energises me and where I can add real value, that’s when I get the best results.

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Andrea Goodridge sharing her secret to success

Surround yourself with positive people

This is another piece of advice that can make all the difference to how you feel about your work, and about yourself.

Being around negative people can drain you. Without even realising it, you can begin to take on some of their negative views. Suddenly, everything becomes so much harder.

When you’re aiming to be the best leader possible, your mindset is a huge part of how successful you are. When you surround yourself with people who negatively impact your mindset, you make it harder for yourself to succeed.

I’ve experienced this first-hand.

In the past, I associated myself with people who only took from me. They sucked all the knowledge out of me but didn’t give anything in return. Others sucked all the life out of me because they made everything about them. They would never ask me how I was doing or how I felt. They didn’t listen to what I had to say even when I offered it – because it was all about them.

Once I made a conscious choice to surround myself with positive people, my life and my work performance drastically improved.

I protect myself from people like this now, and I’ve made choices to remove myself from people who drain me both on a personal and professional level.


Money sorts itself out

What do you go to work for?

We all work, in part, to pay the bills, but what we’re really looking to get out of our work is much more than just money.

When you’re just chasing the money, it’s easy to let your values slide, and in the end that will only make you unhappy. I know that it’s very easy to make money the priority, but sometimes you have to be brave and follow your heart.

The money will sort itself out.

I wrote recently about a time I walked away from work that was worth a lot of money because it didn’t fit with my values. At the time, people thought I was mad, but in the end, it was the best choice for me.

In fact, it’s led me to do more of the work that matters to me.


Heeding good advice

My dad’s advice has always stuck with me, but when you’re busy, it can be easy to slide into bad habits without even realising. That’s why I always make sure that I take time out to reflect on my work and my habits.

This way, I can make sure I’m not getting complacent.

When you’re feeling dissatisfied with your work, the best place to start is you.

Are you focusing your time and energy towards the right tasks and the right people?

Can you make some changes to improve your situation?

In my online programme, Find the Real You, I dive deeper into how to identify your values, focus on what you love, and start with you to become a better leader.

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