Find the Real You Online Group Coaching Programme - next programme starts February 2020

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Do you feel disconnected from your work and life? Like you are just going through the motions?


Whatever you feel is stopping you from feeling happy and positive, or standing in the way of you achieving results – whether it’s your family, your colleagues, your working environment or the culture of your organisation – it isn’t that.

My challenge is always, let’s start with you! 


So if any of the following applies to you:

       You find your role frustrating as you bumble along at work and become despondent

–    You’re seeing your colleagues getting promoted, whilst you feel stagnant

        You’re feeling like you’ve been institutionalised at work, and lost who you really are

        You’re lacking self-confidence and energy, and overload yourself with commitments

…it’s time to find the ‘real you.’

And when I say the real you, I mean who you really are (not the ‘pretend you’ you carry around to make the world think you’re OK).

Join me on my seven week Find the Real You Online Group Coaching Programme designed to help you go from pretend to proud.

It’s time to give yourself permission to be you.

You’ll finish the programme with:

        A greater awareness of yourself, and where you add value

        A real connection to what’s important to you and what energises you

        A renewed focus and drive on where you want to be, and the determination to achieve it

        An improved confidence to take the shackles off, and proudly start to live your life as the real you


Quote It's time to give yourself permission to be you

Find the Real You Online Group Coaching Programme

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Getting started with Finding the Real You

Content includes

       Your Supporters – identify key people who’ll positively support you in your self-discovery journey, ask people for feedback throughout the programme and ask for help when needed

       Your History – explore some of your key experiences, look back on what you’ve achieved, and reflect on where you’ve met challenges

       Includes: welcome video, video tutorial, workbooks, articles

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Finding the Real You with Your Brand

Content includes

       Your Values – learn what values are and why they’re important, discover where values are developed, identify your core values and what’s important to you, explore if you’re living in alignment with your values, identify any obstacles getting in the way of living your values, commit to living your values more fully

       Your Strengths – learn what strengths are and why they’re important, learn the concept of flow, reflect on what energises you and you at your best, explore your strengths in overdrive, identify how to maximise your strengths

       Your Purpose – learn what a purpose is and why it’s important, reflect on what brings meaning and fulfilment to you, explore your passion and purpose in life, connect with your ‘why’

       Includes: video tutorials, presentations with theories and concepts, workbooks, practical strategies, values images, online questionnaire, articles

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Finding the Real You with Your Preference

Content includes

       Your Preference – learn about how you are made up and relate to others, reflect on the way you think, feel and behave with others, identify what motivates you, explore the impact of overused / inappropriately used behaviours, commit to strategies to work more effectively

       Includes: video tutorial, presentation with theories, workbook, practical strategies, online questionnaire

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Finding the Real You with Your Aspirations

Content includes

       Your Aspirations – compile everything you’ve learned about yourself to explore your aspirations, learn why having a vision is important, identify where you currently feel fulfilled, explore what you ultimately want and excites you, create your personal vision of what really matters to you

       Your Next Steps – identify where you need to spend your energy and focus to achieve your vision, prepare for obstacles and explore how to overcome them, identify who can support you to maximise your commitment, plan your purposeful actions for the next 90 days, commit to living the real you

       Includes: video tutorials, presentations, workbooks, practical strategies

I’ll guide you through the sequence of activities so you won’t get stuck with where to start, you can just get on with doing it. 

These activities are not the ‘fill in the blank’ type templates where you can complete them and go! They’re designed to dig deep beyond the superficial level, as well as learning new theories and concepts. 

Because it’s when you explore at a deeper level that you get the ‘aha moments’ and personal breakthroughs.

To help you with your self-discovery, stay on track, and accountable, you’ll be part of an online community where I’ll be right by your side. The community is a safe space where you can be you.

Whoever you normally speak to / pester when you get home, give them a break for 7 weeks, and ask the community instead! 

It’s a supportive network of people who’ve come together for a shared purpose around self-discovery and finding themselves. Ask questions, get guidance, learn from each other, gain insights, challenge your thinking, share ideas, get feedback – think of it as a supportive place where you can think aloud, explore your thinking, and boost your courage to take action.

There’s also 4 online group calls where you can ask Andrea any questions relating to the content and virtually meet your peers. These are scheduled weeks 1, 3, 5 and 7.

This programme will help you:

        Focus on the activities that are important to you

        Live your life based on what you believe in

        Feel more confident, energised and stand tall

        Be the real you, even when everyone’s watching! 

Find the Real You Programme Cost
Find the Real You Programme Cost plus Call with Andrea

Andrea’s new online programme about finding self was informative, emotional, enlightening and rewarding. Great resources, supportive online community. Highly recommend. Debbie Jackson

Really enjoyed participating in a pilot for Andrea’s programme “Find the Real You”. The modules have been so helpful and have prompted me to do some long overdue reflection about what works for me and how to best utilise my passion and harness energy from the work I do. Lisa Healey


Andrea Goodridge - Ad Florem

About Andrea

Andrea Goodridge is a coach and leadership development consultant.

She set up Ad Florem in October 2015 when she made the decision to only do activities that energised her or where she could add value. 

Basically, if she’s not going to feel it, and be energised by it, she won’t perform at her best! She encourages her clients to do the same for themselves.

Once you stop ‘going through the motions’ and start focusing on results you value, you’ll engage with your work and get better results.

It starts with you!

Her 20 years’ experience of supporting leaders and business owners has proven this, and is based on taking time out to reflect, recharge and refocus on you.

Many of Andrea’s clients are looking to regain their confidence to live their ‘real self’ and shake off their ‘pretend self.’

She also has a popular blog where she shares practical tips and tactics on self-leadership.

You can work through the materials in your own time. The online group calls at weeks 1, 3, 5 and 7 are recorded, so you don’t need to worry if you miss a live session.


Approximately 1-2 hours per week to focus on the programme materials, reflect and capture your thoughts, commit to your weekly actions, and show up in the online community.


The programme is seven weeks long.

You will have access to the programme materials and online community for the duration of the programme.

There is a private Facebook group for people who have purchased the programme, where you can ask questions, and get feedback and assistance.


People like you who are:

– True to yourself, and keep focusing on your ‘why’ so you can find the real you

– Open minded, and willing to try new ways of learning, to develop outside your comfort zone

– Serious in your intent to change, see through your commitments and inform Andrea when things aren’t working for you

– Curious, through reflection, exploration, and challenge, so you can develop your self-awareness

– Positive about yourself, so you can feel confident in yourself and have belief in your abilities


That feeling of overwhelm is because you’re trying to be everything to everyone. What you’ll learn in this programme is that making time for you isn’t a day at the spa or a week’s holiday. It’s prioritising the small daily actions that support you be the ‘real you.’ It might feel like you don’t have time, but you’ll soon realise that you gain back that time and more, thanks to increased energy, focus and confidence.

One last thing ...

I know it can feel  like a huge stretch to do something for yourself.

– To put money down on something that doesn’t seem to directly affect your family or your business

– But here’s the thing …

– If you don’t start to explore who you really are, things will continue to be a struggle

– You’ll stay disconnected, stagnant, and you’ll continue to play out the ‘pretend you’

– How about joining me in learning a new way?

One that gives you permission to be you, even when everyone’s watching!