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Andrea Goodridge from Ad Florem. Awaken your inner leader

Awaken your Inner Leader and Unlock the Secret to Great Leadership with Andrea's Coaching and Facilitation

A qualified leadership coach and facilitator, who looks at leadership in a totally different way. And that’s because my vision is to awaken your inner leader, and put yourself at the heart of leadership.

Because this is the secret to Great Leadership. It all starts with you. That’s why I support leaders to focus on leading themselves first. Then you’ll be in a much better place to lead others with confidence.

My coaching, facilitation and consulting is based on my 20 years’ experience of supporting leaders cross the NHS, private health, Local Government, transport, consultancy, sports, education, engineering, creatives, and marketing.

It’s supported by my 5 Principles of Great Leadership, which helps leaders align their leadership with their inner leader. 

1:1 Leadership Coaching with Andrea

Coaching provides the time and space away from the chaos and pressures of work to reflect on yourself and the impact you have on others; explore your personal and leadership challenges; and make behavioural changes which impact positively on you and your team.

My coaching programmes are substantially different than the mainstream as I help you manage the competing facets of leadership by starting with you. Because to manage constant change and challenges, you need to develop your internal resources first. And that starts with developing your self-leadership, before moving on to building your leadership presence.

All programmes are customised to you and your needs and can be between 9 and 18 sessions; offered online or face to face; either 60 or 90 minutes long; offered every 2 to 4 weeks; inclusive of assessments; and paid in full or monthly.

As a leadership coach with two decades’ of experience supporting leaders, this is one-to-one personalised support from someone who’s not only outside your organisation. But someone who’ll give you the space you need to speak your mind, look at things from different perspectives, and take purposeful action and make positive change.

Andrea Goodridge providing leadership coaching

Group Coaching Programmes with Andrea

Andrea Goodridge of Ad Florem. Leadership Coaching in Groups. Inner Leadership Programme

The Inner Leadership Programme: because true leadership starts with you.

The Inner Leadership is a 12 month online group coaching programme that focuses on helping leaders tap into their inner resources and lead from a place of strength and self-awareness. It’s based on the premise that great leadership starts from within and that great leaders must cultivate a deep understanding of themselves, their values, and their goals in order to lead others with confidence, purpose, and authenticity.

The programme is aimed at Executive Directors, Clinical Leads, Headteachers, Heads of Department (or leaders with other job titles) and as a group of like-minded leaders, we’ll meet monthly focusing on my 5 Principles of Great Leadership. These are based on the most common leadership challenges and priorities that have consistently emerged during my coaching relationships over the last two decades.

With an overall aim of supporting you to thrive as a leader with renewed motivation, self-belief, intentional focus, and personal fulfilment.

Join the waitlist and be the first to know when the Inner Leadership group coaching programme launches, including an exclusive offer.

Leadership Gatherings with Andrea

The Leadership Gatherings are for leaders who want to look at leadership in a different way.

The focus is about moving your awareness from what’s going on around you – what I call the ‘external stuff’ (your targets, tasks, performance, team) to focusing on what’s going on inside you – what I call the ‘internal stuff’ (your innermost thoughts, beliefs, feelings).

Each month, we’ll spend 1 hour online focusing on a common leadership challenge that aligns with one of my 5 Principles of Great Leadership. The gatherings will include a variety of masterclasses, workshops and reflective sessions, with an overall purpose to awaken leaders so they can lead with confidence, feel fulfilled, and thrive.

They’re designed to help you:

  • Reflect on yourself and your leadership
  • Learn new concepts and strategies
  • Take purposeful action to develop your leadership practice

So, don’t let the busyness of leadership keep you from becoming the kind of leader you want to be. Give yourself permission to take time out today.

Andrea Goodridge of Ad Florem. Leadership Gatherings Masterclasses and Workshops
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“I really don’t think I would still be doing the job if Andrea hadn’t come along when she did.” 

When I started working with Andrea, I had lost my confidence, my sense of purpose and felt disillusioned with my role. Andrea was fabulous. She helped me unpick the exact things that were causing me to be stressed and regain my sense of pride in all I have achieved in my career to date. 

Now, I’m mostly back to full strength, happier and more fulfilled. People within my team are clearer about what I expect of them and how they need to perform their duties. I feel as though I have got my work-life ratio much more balanced and my family are happier that I’m happier, too! Honestly, my thanks to Andrea. I really don’t think I would still be doing the job if she hadn’t come along when she did.

Rachel Cross, Headteacher, St Mary’s CE Primary School

“Your skill in peeling back the layers, really helped me look at my inner core.”

When I started working with Andrea, I was unclear of my values and needed to revisit my vision and strengths. Andrea kept things simple and gave me the frameworks to facilitate my thinking. What stood out for me in the coaching sessions was the simplicity of getting to my core values. I had all the answers but needed to spend the time to look at them in detail without any other distractions.

Now I’m being my authentic self more of the time, building relationships with new colleagues and making decisions based on my values. Thank you Andrea, your skill in peeling back the layers, really helped me look at my inner core and built up a greater understanding of myself.

Phil Bird, Head of Operations – Domiciliary, Specsavers