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1:1 Leadership Coaching

As a true believer that Great Leadership starts with you; my 1:1 leadership coaching programmes are designed to provide you with personalised support and guidance. Think of me as your partner, guiding you on your journey of self-discovery, growth, and leadership change.

Andrea Goodridge of Ad Florem. Leadership Coach and Facilitator. Supporting leaders to focus on leading themselves first

Genuinely life changing! In just 6 sessions, I was able to move from feeling quite lost to a position of feeling excited and enthusiastic for the future, from both a personal and work perspective. Andrea brings so much energy, positivity and enthusiasm to the sessions which helped to inspire me. She was so insightful when interpreting what was going on in my life which made the strategy for my life transformation very personal and bespoke to me. Keep up the great work – you are the best 

Executive Director

Your Personalised Coaching Journey

Awaken Your Inner Leader: My coaching approach delves deep into your ‘internal stuff,’ unlocking your inner leader. I believe that Great Leadership starts with self-awareness, authenticity, and values alignment. With me, you won’t just learn leadership skills, you’ll awaken the leader within you.

20+ Years of Expertise: I bring over two decades of experience in coaching and guiding Executives and Leaders across diverse sectors. My deep understanding of the challenges you face enables me to provide tailored guidance that addresses your unique leadership journey.

Recognised Excellence: My contributions to the field of leadership have been acknowledged through numerous awards. These accolades reflect my commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence in leadership coaching. With over 20 years experience of coaching at a senior leadership level, I was invited to become a Fellow Member of the Association for Coaching. This membership is only available to coaches that have made a positive impact on the profession through their experience.

Client-Focused Approach: My coaching is entirely client-focused. Your coaching journey is tailored to your specific needs, desires, and challenges. Expect an experience that’s uniquely yours, designed to bring out the best in you. Coaching with me, really is all about you!

Guided Progression: Your coaching journey is thoughtfully structured with a logical sequence, ensuring that we cover the right topics in the right order. Each session builds upon the previous one, creating a comprehensive framework for your growth.

Expert Insight: Benefit from expert insights as my coaching is based on my ‘5 Principles of Great Leadership’ which guide you in aligning your leadership with your true self.

Proven Results: Throughout your coaching, you’ll be inspired by stories of other Executives and Leaders who have achieved remarkable results, enhancing their leadership skills, personal growth, and overall fulfilment. Their journeys demonstrate the power of my coaching approach.

Holistic Approach: This isn’t just about developing leadership skills, it’s a holistic journey that encompasses self-discovery, values alignment, and positive change. My coaching approach recognises that leadership growth is intrinsically linked to personal growth.

Flexibility: All coaching programmes are customised to you and your needs and can be between 9 and 18 sessions; offered online or face to face; either 60 or 90 minutes long; offered every 2 to 4 weeks; with or without assessments; and paid in full or monthly.

Two Distinct Methods: You can access coaching programmes through two distinct methods: 1) Self-Funded Coaching where you take control of your personal and professional development by self-funding your coaching sessions; or 2) Organisational-Funded Coaching where your organisation supports your personal and professional growth in which you may have an organisational sponsor as part of the contracting process.

“I really don’t think I would still be doing the job if Andrea hadn’t come along when she did.” 

When I started working with Andrea, I had lost my confidence, my sense of purpose and felt disillusioned with my role. Andrea was fabulous. She helped me unpick the exact things that were causing me to be stressed and regain my sense of pride in all I have achieved in my career to date. 

Now, I’m mostly back to full strength, happier and more fulfilled. People within my team are clearer about what I expect of them and how they need to perform their duties. I feel as though I have got my work-life ratio much more balanced and my family are happier that I’m happier, too! Honestly, my thanks to Andrea. I really don’t think I would still be doing the job if she hadn’t come along when she did.

Rachel Cross, Headteacher, St Mary’s CE Primary School

“Your skill in peeling back the layers, really helped me look at my inner core.”

When I started working with Andrea, I was unclear of my values and needed to revisit my vision and strengths. Andrea kept things simple and gave me the frameworks to facilitate my thinking. What stood out for me in the coaching sessions was the simplicity of getting to my core values. I had all the answers but needed to spend the time to look at them in detail without any other distractions.

Now I’m being my authentic self more of the time, building relationships with new colleagues and making decisions based on my values. Thank you Andrea, your skill in peeling back the layers, really helped me look at my inner core and built up a greater understanding of myself.

Phil Bird, Head of Operations – Domiciliary, Specsavers

Andrea is here to awaken your Inner Leader

I spend my time encouraging Executives and Leaders to take time out to focus on themselves and their leadership. Drawing from over two decades of experience, I’m more than aware of the core skills required for Great Leadership. I’m a true believer that Great Leadership starts with you.

Andrea Goodridge providing leadership coaching

My coaching, facilitation and consulting services are grounded in my diverse experience across various sectors, including the NHS, private health, Local Government, transport, consultancy, sports, education, engineering, creatives, and marketing. They are supported by my ‘5 Principles of Great Leadership’ – a carefully sequenced approach designed to help Executives and Leaders align their leadership with who they really are.

I’m known for looking at leadership in a totally different way, as I have a unique perspective – one that focuses on your internal world. I specialise in uncovering the power of the ‘internal stuff.’ It’s about putting yourself at the heart of leadership by awakening your inner leader. Because this is the secret to Great Leadership.

I hold Level 7 qualifications in Coaching and Mentoring, and Action Learning Facilitation, and my contributions to leadership concepts and articles have gained recognition in national and international publications and awards.

Unlock the Inner Leader Within You

 My 1:1 Leadership Coaching is designed to help you align with your deepest desires as a leader, driven by my guiding ‘5 Principles of Great Leadership.’ When you embark on this journey with me, you can expect a range of benefits:

1 Purposeful Alignment: Empowering Your Authentic Journey.

  • Live in alignment with your purpose and values, focus on what you’re good at, and follow your dreams.
  • Feel energised, authentic, and aligned.
  • Have a renewed sense of motivation and purpose.
  • Now, you’re in control of yourself and your career by Leading from Within.
  • “Andrea’s coaching helped me rediscover my purpose and align it with my leadership. I now lead with a clear sense of direction and feel more motivated, and ready to take on new challenges.”

2 Confident Leadership: Harnessing Your Inner Voice.

  • Speak up for what you believe in, make decisions based on your values, share what you truly think and feel, challenge the status quo, push back without coming across negative or defensive, contribute to projects, and offer new insights.
  • Feel confident, self-assured, and positive.
  • Have a belief in yourself and your abilities. 
  • Now you’re able to challenge your thoughts and beliefs by Leading with Alignment.
  • “Thanks to Andrea, I’ve gained the confidence to lead with conviction and challenge the status quo. She’s been a true inspiration in helping me build my confidence as a leader.”

3 Effective Self-Management: Mastering Your Impact.

  • Manage your time and energy, focus on things that have the greatest impact, do what you say you’ll do, say no to others overloading you, and hold yourself accountable.
  • Feel fulfilled, impactful, and credible. 
  • Have a clear focus and a strong reputation for being intentional in your approach. 
  • Now you can do the ‘right stuff’ by Leading with Intention.
  • “Through Andrea’s coaching, I’ve found fulfilment in my leadership role. I now focus on what’s important and confidently say no to distractions. My credibility as a leader has never been stronger.”

4 Clear Expectations: Building Trust Through Leadership.

  • Give clarity and set expectations, have honest conversations, listen to others’ opinions, sense emotions in others, ask others for their opinions, deal with underperformance, hold your team to account, and inspire your team. 
  • Feel connected, assertive, and influential. 
  • Have a strong leadership presence built on trust. 
  • Now you can show up with others by Leading with Connection.
  • “Andrea helped me develop a leadership presence rooted in authenticity. I now feel confident to have the ‘difficult’  conversations and engage positively with my team.”

5 Balanced Well-being: Nurturing Your Whole Self.

  • Have clear boundaries, verbalise your needs and ask for help, disconnect from work and arrive home calm, and take time out to reflect, recharge and refocus. 
  • Feel happy, healthy and balanced. 
  • Have a belief in achieving work-life balance on your terms. 
  • Now you can give your loved ones the best version of yourself by Leading with Balance.
  • Working with Andrea has transformed my work-life balance. I’ve established clear boundaries with my work, prioritised self-care, and I’ve deepened my connections with my family. I can’t thank her enough for shining a light on the areas I’ve neglected for many years.”

“The leadership coaching with Andrea has been great! I’ve learnt to be my true self, not feel the need to change who I am, and be confident in my own skills and abilities. I’ve really liked like the pace of the sessions. I’m quite a reflective analytical person, but I’m also an active learner as well, so the balance of reflection, action and challenge has really met my needs. The flow and structure of the sessions provided the opportunity to think about things through many different perspectives.”

Head of Urgent Care, Healthcare

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