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Leadership coaching testimonials from leaders and organisations Andrea Goodridge has supported to lead themselves and others with confidence.

Example of Coaching Client with Andrea Goodridge, Rachel Cross

Leadership Coaching Testimonial from Rachel Cross, Head teacher
St Mary’s CE Primary School, Slough

When I started working with Andrea, I had lost my confidence, my sense of purpose and felt disillusioned with my role.

Andrea was fabulous. She helped me to unpick the exact things that were causing me to be stressed. As well as regaining my sense of pride in all I have achieved in my career to date.

Now I’m mostly back to full strength, happier and more fulfilled. People within my team are clearer about what I expect of them and how they need to perform their duties. I feel as though I have got my work-life ratio much more balanced and my family are happier that I’m happier, too!

Honestly, my thanks to Andrea. I really don’t think I would still be doing the job if she hadn’t come along when she did.

“Valuable time to take stock, remember what makes you the best leader you can be, and make plans to put into practice. An action oriented, deeply reflective day with others.”

Leadership Retreat Testimonial from Sally Bucknell, Director of Diversity & Inclusiveness, Ernst & Young LLP

Phil Bird

Leadership Coaching Testimonial from Phil Bird, Head of Operations – Domiciliary, Specsavers

When I started working with Andrea, I was unclear of my values and needed to revisit my vision and strengths.

Andrea kept things simple and gave me the frameworks to facilitate my thinking. What stood out for me in the coaching sessions was the simplicity of getting to my core values. I had all the answers, but needed to spend the time to look at them in detail without any other distractions.

Now I’m being my authentic self more of the time, building relationships with new colleagues and making decisions based on my values. Thank you Andrea, your skill in peeling back the layers, really helped me look at my inner core and built up a greater understanding of myself.

“Andrea is extremely professional, caring, supportive and in-touch coach. She really listens, gets to know you in order to provide workable solutions that are achievable. Super lady, highly recommended.” Dawn O’Hara.”

Leadership Coaching Testimonial from Dawn O’Hara, Director of Instincts Training Ltd

Leadership Coaching Testimonial from Jan Wilson, Clinical Lead Musculoskeletal Service, NHS

Example of Coaching Client with Andrea Goodridge, Jan WilsonWhen I met Andrea, I was overwhelmed by the challenges and complexities of managing a key service in the NHS.

I needed the time and space to think, away from the workplace, so I could clearly express my thoughts and feelings, and consider the impact of my decisions on the patients in my care.

This ‘thinking time’ helped me implement a new, re-designed service and make significant efficiencies. My work was even nominated for awards!

Nicola Kane

Leadership Coaching Testimonial from Nicola Kane, Head of

Strategic Planning and Research, Transport for Greater Manchester

When I started working with Andrea, I was trying to keep everyone happy. I felt overloaded at work as I was taking on too much. This was leaving me and my team overwhelmed, and work was seeping into my home life.

Taking the time out to really think through the issues I was facing and breaking them down in a really practical way, was just what I needed.  Andrea is very warm and easy to talk to.  She asks great questions to get quickly to the heart of issues, and focused on my own behaviours and the steps I could take immediately to improve things. 

Through the coaching experience, I’ve realised I can be more organised than I thought, once I create my own boundaries.  I’m more aware of how I plan and allocate my time to allow me to get work done and to reduce the feeling of overwhelm.  This has given me more time to do the actual work and to think and plan it, and I feel less personal stress.  It’s also enabled me to leave work at a reasonable time each day and spend more time with others, particularly my family. 

Thanks Andrea, the coaching has been thought-provoking, positive but challenging, very practical and effective, and tailored to my needs.  

“Unlocking the key to self-evaluation. The start of my journey.”

Leadership Retreat Testimonial from Clint Perren, Head of Cricket Relationships, Lancashire Cricket Foundation

Example of Coaching Client with Andrea Goodridge, Charlotte Gilbert

Leadership Coaching Testimonial from Charlotte Gilbert
Group Head of Risk, Regulation and Performance
One Manchester

If you need to challenge yourself or if you have a specific goal in mind, then I recommend you engage Andrea to support you in achieving it.

She provides a unique blend of warmth and directness. My confidence in my professional abilities grew enormously under Andrea’s direction and I was able to deliver my best presentation to date, and to secure the new role I wanted.

If you’re looking for an easy option, then Andrea isn’t for you – but if you are looking for real challenge, support and success then she most definitely is.

Leadership Coaching Testimonial from
Jamie Masterman, Senior Education Manager – Learning Quality, North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Jamie Masterman NWAS When I started working with Andrea, I was uncertain about my role and my confidence.The coaching has been an amazing journey of self-discovery, which has allowed me to step up to the next level. 

It’s made me realise I’m more capable and confident than I realised, and I’m not a fraud waiting to be found out. I just needed to be unlocked!

“When we commissioned Andrea to run a workshop on ‘What makes you tick?’ the staff team was facing uncertainty, reduction in resources but ongoing demands for service delivery and change continued. The lack of motivation was starting to have an impact on staff morale and service development.

The workshop was so eloquently delivered and pitched exactly right for my team! Andrea gave colleagues time to focus on themselves as individuals, identifying their strengths and exploring what makes them tick and what gives them energy at work.

Through appreciating how their self-doubts and fears are getting in the way of them giving their all, the team came away with increased ownership and accountability and an appreciation of the importance of assigning quality time to focus on themselves.

Thank you so much for today! I would definitely like Andrea to do some follow-up work with the team.”

Example of Leadership Workshop with Andrea Goodridge, Rochdale Borough Council Youth Service

Leadership Workshop Testimonial from Jayne Taylor
Rochdale Youth Service,
Rochdale Borough Council

“Time to spend some valuable space focusing on me! Time to network with other sectors and have meaningful conversations.”

Leadership Retreat Testimonial from Paula Davies, Head of Education, North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

For me, this coaching couldn’t have come along at a better time. Personally, I felt at rock bottom after living with the negative comments and bullying behaviour of an ex-partner and I was taking on the problems of others at work.  With Andrea’s help, I found the confidence to admit the issues and know I could sort them out.

Andrea shared strategies and tools I could use in my practice, some of which I’ve also passed onto my team and even introduced into the classroom! I’ve watched a colleague blossom as I empowered her to solve her own issues and provide possible solutions we could discuss – a far cry from stepping in and fighting her corner as I might have done before.

I’d recommend Andrea’s coaching to anyone. My initial fear was that I’d be given unworkable strategies and come away feeling intimidated and useless. Instead, I’ve learned that I’m not always the weakest link. I feel I stand straighter and have a greater capacity to deal with conflict; I can listen to others and value what they say but not be intimidated by what I hear. I also have more clarity of vision and practice and I don’t need to overthink situations because I have the strategies and confidence to go with the flow. 

Ad Florem Coaching Client St Mary's CE Primary School Slough Logo

Leadership Coaching Testimonial from Gael Robinson, Assistant Head teacher, St Mary’s CE Primary School, Slough

Leadership Coaching Testimonial from
Josh St. Aubin
President at American Advertising Federation
Tampa Bay

 Example of coaching client with Andrea Goodridge, Josh St AubinI started working with Andrea when I was struggling to find a focus in my career.  Deep down, I knew I needed a change but without a clear vision, I wasn’t sure which direction to turn.

Together with Andrea, I worked to get a clear understanding of my potential – my skills, strengths, what I do well and what I enjoy.

With this understanding, I identified my next steps. It wasn’t long before I was accepted for a new role.

As someone who has managed staff for many years I am always interested in sharing good practice and exploring new ideas. 

Andrea delivered an evening workshop to our group, at probably the busiest time of year and consequently some tired and stressed colleagues attended. However, Andrea’s delivery was engaging and interesting which immediately energised the room.  

The workshop was interactive without it being daunting. Drawing from her personal experiences Andrea really focused the group on how we could make coaching relevant to our working lives (and personal lives).  

I personally felt inspired and motivated by the workshop and now want to learn more about the subject.

Leadership Workshops Testimonial from Ruth Hodkinson, Head of Student Inclusion and Wellbeing, Keele University

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