Your Internal Stuff – how to remove the unhelpful patterns of thinking that stand in the way of connecting with others in a productive way.


£5.00 (inc VAT)

Would you like to move your awareness from what’s around you (your tasks, your performance, your teams) to what’s going on inside your head?

If so, you need my workbook all about you and Your Internal Stuff.

It’s designed to make you think! 

Download your copy which is 11 pages and includes guidance and easy-to-follow instructions, as well as activities and journaling prompts to increase your self-awareness. 

In addition to exploring ‘unhealthy’ situations and the impact your behaviour had on yourself and others involved, this workbook gets you to reflect on your thoughts and feelings and how you showed up in the situation. You’ll get to learn how your external behaviour is directly linked to your internal stuff, so you can start to shift the patterns of thinking on how you relate to yourself and others.

It’s perfect if you enjoy self-study; don’t need to ask any questions on the topic; and want to get a flavour of my style and approach before investing in a coaching programme.

Take the time to reflect on what’s going on inside your head. Once you take charge of your inner dialogue, you can take steps to calm your feelings or change your behaviour, which can lead to more positive outcomes with other people in your team.