Leadership Workshops with Andrea Goodridge

Bespoke leadership workshops to support the development of your executive leadership team

I design and deliver workshops to build resilience, improve engagement and deepen your executive leaders’ connection within your organisation so they perform at their best.

Executive leaders who undertake this development are better motivated and ready to develop and coach their teams.

“When we commissioned Andrea to run a workshop on ‘What makes you tick?’ the staff team was facing uncertainty, reduction in resources but ongoing demands for service delivery and change continued. The lack of motivation was starting to have an impact on staff morale and service development.

The workshop was so eloquently delivered and pitched exactly right for my team! Andrea gave colleagues time to focus on themselves as individuals, identifying their strengths and exploring what makes them tick and what gives them energy at work.

Through appreciating how their self-doubts and fears are getting in the way of them giving their all, the team came away with increased ownership and accountability and an appreciation of the importance of assigning quality time to focus on themselves.

Thank you so much for today! I would definitely like Andrea to do some follow-up work with the team.”

Jayne Taylor
Rochdale Youth Service, Rochdale Borough Council

A healthy organisation benefits from a positive and well-coordinated executive leadership team

Leadership Workshops with Andrea Goodridge

My workshops focus on themes which have emerged during executive coaching, with the added advantage that the learning is shared.  

After many years coaching senior executives and leaders, I’ve observed an increase in the number of leaders wanting to focus on their individual and collective development. The reason for this is simple: when a team of executive leaders have a shared understanding of their priorities and the challenges faced by the organisation, this translates into results.

Working together to address common challenges and explore new possibilities for themselves and the organisation, executive leaders leave my workshops with a shared sense of purpose and stronger connection to their colleagues and their organisation.


With the chance to reflect on their thoughts and behaviours, make positive changes and explore what’s holding them back, executive leaders who attend these workshops report:

  • A clearer focus and strong sense of purpose
  • Increased confidence in themselves and their leadership capabilities
  • Improved ability to deal with conflict and underperformance
  • Increased engagement within their teams
  • Feeling happier and more energised about their role
Leadership Workshops with Andrea Goodridge

This isn’t just ‘tick-box’ learning - I help you achieve lasting change

There is no true learning until there has been behavioural change, which is why I invite executive leaders to identify opportunities to implement their learning in the workplace. This turns the experience from transactional ‘tick-box’ training, to embedding new tools and behaviours that will bring lasting results.

My workshops have helped many commercial, public sector and not-for-profit organisations improve the capabilities and engagement of their leadership teams.  

Previous workshops include


  • Exploring working methods, leadership practice, performance and personal behaviour to establish what’s working well and what’s not.
  • Agreeing the desired state by visualising a successful future.
  • Action planning to address ‘real life’ issues, increase collaboration and determine the route to success.


  • Clarifying your team purpose by establishing why you exist as a team.
  • Agreeing on the core values and behaviours that matter most to you and your stakeholders and establishing accountability within the team.
  • Understanding what makes individuals ‘tick’, exploring where you get your energy and what you need to perform at your best.


  • Exploring individual and team-based Strengthscope® profiles, identifying what energises you and finding opportunities to utilise your strengths and minimise performance risks.
  • Exploring how a strengths-based approach,  can lead to engagement at work.


  • Raising self-awareness to understand how you are experienced by others.
  • Appreciating the behaviours you demonstrate under stress and recognising the different ego states you use, leading to a more flexible and adaptable leadership style.
  • Using an MBTI® assessment to learn more about yourself, appreciate differences between people, and understand how different types can work together in a complementary way.


  • Exploring the benefits of using coaching conversations to support performance and maximise potential within your teams.
  • Exploring the principles, skills and frameworks of coaching, and providing various coaching tools.
  • Identifying opportunities to improve engagement and ownership within your teams.


  • Developing a growth mindset by challenging thoughts and behaviours, overcoming challenges, and requesting and learning from feedback.
  • Improving working relationships by understanding your own feelings and those of others, thoughtfully responding to situations, and communicating in a clear, concise manner.
  • Using an MTQPlus assessment to measure your mental toughness, and implement techniques to deal with everyday stressors, pressures and challenges.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Don’t worry.  

I know you’ll be experiencing your own challenges and have your own unique aspirations and I’m more than happy to adapt any workshop to suit your needs.  Please get in touch to find out how I can help.


Case Studies

A three-month programme of support for senior leaders to review the effectiveness of meetings, governance and decision-making within the service. At the end of the programme, the team demonstrated increased levels of support and engagement; deeper levels of respect, trust and openness in discussions; and greater confidence in professionally challenging members of their teams.

A half-day CPD-certified Coaching Conversations workshop designed to help senior leaders utilise a coaching style and have more productive conversations with their teams. At the end of the workshop, leaders reported enhanced listening, communication and questioning skills; increased self-awareness and confidence; and improved motivation to implement what they had learned.

If you represent an organisation who would like to support one or more of your senior leaders with leadership development workshops or executive coaching, please get in touch at any time to discuss your needs.