Leadership workshops to develop your leadership team
Do you want your leadership team to spend quality time together, developing their self-leadership and leadership skills?

Leadership Workshops with Andrea Goodridge

Workshops where they spend time together to:

  • Raise their self-awareness and reflect on their impact as a leader.
  • Understand and appreciate differences within the team.
  • Explore what’s working well with current methods, practices and approaches.
  • Clarify what’s important to them individually and as a leadership team.
  • Address common challenges and explore new possibilities.
  • Identify opportunities, action plan and hold each other accountable. 

You're ready to take time out, away from the chaos and pressures of work. Spend time together at a workshop where you can reflect, recharge and refocus as a leadership team.


Themes from previous workshops have included: 

  • Purpose.
  • Values and behaviours.
  • Vision.
  • Transactional analysis.
  • Individual and team strengths.
  • Coaching within teams.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Mental toughness.

All workshops are bespoke to your needs, and encourage a mix of self-discovery, peer discussions, action learning, and assessments, e.g. Strengthscope, MTQPlus, EQ-i 2.0, and MBTI.


Leadership Workshops with Andrea Goodridge

Whether your leadership team lacks identity and purpose, is disconnected and misaligned, or fails to communicate and hold each accountable. I can help them gain a greater sense of themselves as individuals and leaders. The workshops will help improve their engagement, and feel happier and energised about their role within the team.

“When we commissioned Andrea to run a workshop on ‘What makes you tick?’ the staff team was facing uncertainty, reduction in resources but ongoing demands for service delivery and change continued. Their lack of motivation was starting to have an impact on staff morale and service development.

The workshop was so eloquently delivered and pitched exactly right for my team! Andrea gave colleagues time to focus on themselves as individuals, identifying their strengths and exploring what makes them tick and what gives them energy at work.

Through appreciating how their self-doubts and fears are getting in the way of them giving their all, the team came away with increased ownership and accountability and an appreciation of the importance of assigning quality time to focus on themselves.

Thank you so much for today! I would definitely like Andrea to do some follow-up work with the team.”

Ad Florem Leadership Workshop Client Rochdale Council Youth Service Logo
Jayne Taylor
Rochdale Youth Service, Rochdale Borough Council

“As someone who has managed staff for many years I am always interested in sharing good practice and exploring new ideas. Andrea delivered an evening workshop to our group, at probably the busiest time of year and consequently some tired and stressed colleagues attended. However, Andrea’s delivery was engaging and interesting which immediately energised the room.  The workshop was interactive without it being daunting. Drawing from her personal experiences Andrea really focused the group on how we could make coaching relevant to our working lives (and personal lives).  I personally felt inspired and motivated by the workshop and now want to learn more about the subject.”Ruth Hodkinson, Head of Student Inclusion and Wellbeing, Keele University

Wanting to start developing your leadership team?

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