Optimise your performance and have more energy and confidence in your role

A Strengthscope® assessment helps you discover what gives you energy and where you add value, so you can focus on activities that work to your strengths.

Doing what you do best gets you better results.

This may sound simple, but it’s so easy to forget! Many of my clients come to me feeling overwhelmed by their workload and doubting their abilities as a leader. They find themselves suffering from “brain freeze”, unable to prioritise and avoiding conflict and risk.

If you’re in this position, it’s impossible to perform.

Lacking in focus and trying to do everything depletes your energy and loses you the confidence and support of your colleagues.  To be an effective leader, you need to empower others to support you while you focus on what you do well.

What could you achieve if you felt energised and supported in your role?

A Strengthscope® assessment gives you a comprehensive overview of what you’re good at and where you make the most difference, so you know where to focus your energy and where you need more support.

Strengthscope® is an innovative strengths profiling system, supporting you to strengthen your support network and maximise your performance at work.

The assessment, combined with a detailed feedback session, will help you:

  • Discover your unique strengths and learn how to optimise these to achieve exceptional results
  • Identify and minimise areas that may affect your ability to perform
  • Establish positive ways of working that will improve confidence, motivation and success
  • Strengthen relationships and work more effectively with people whose strengths are different from yours.
  • Armed with this knowledge, you can start using your strengths, energy and potential to achieve the results you care about, with the full support of your managers and teams.

Sounds good?

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This works - of people taking the Strengthscope® assessment,

Feel more positive
and 73%
Feel more engaged

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Andrea knows Strengthscope well and her feedback session added impact to the report and brought the findings into reality for me. Andrea knows how to examine strengths that can help you achieve your aim and by discussing them with you helps you reflect on how you can further build on these, she also has a keen ability to look at what can be holding you back and can help you identify and plan ways of moving forward.

Through encouraging feedback and motivational support, Andrea helps you to reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses and begin to work on them.

Organisational Development Professional
from Local Government Organisation

I’m Andrea Goodridge, a coach and leadership development consultant. I work with senior leaders who want to feel like they’re making a contribution in their organisation and remember what it feels like to be inspired and energised by their work.

I use the Strengthscope® assessment to define my clients’ starting point, so we can focus on making the changes that will get them results.

To help you achieve the same, every Strengthscope® assessment comes with a personalised feedback session to help you understand and make the best use of your results.

When you book your assessment, you’ll receive:

  • Access to the Strengthscope® portal for the online assessment
  • A detailed report outlining your strengths, potential risk areas and opportunities for growth
  • A 1-hour feedback session with me to raise awareness of your strengths and explore opportunities to use your strengths in the workplace.

Research shows that when you’re aware of your strengths and are given meaningful work that optimizes those strengths, you perform at your best. When my clients do this, they stop worrying and overthinking, and start to flourish in their life and work!


Let me help you do the same.

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