Your Strengths – how to identify what gives you energy, so you can make more conscious decisions in your life by focusing on what you’re good at

£50.00 (inc VAT)

Would you like to uncover what gives you energy?

If so, you need my online course all about you and Your Strengths.

It includes a 22-page downloadable pdf workbook with 3 stages, and a 20 minute video presentation where I share the definition of strengths and the benefits of knowing your strengths. I also provide detailed guidance and easy-to-follow instructions on how to complete the activities, as well as activities and journaling prompts to help you think at a deeper level. Plus, I share my own experiences to help with those ‘aha’ moments, recognise similarities, bring new perspectives and inspire you to take action.


In addition to uncovering what energises you, this course is an opportunity to identify your top 5-7 strengths, as well as helping you plan how you can start to utilise and develop your strengths. Reflecting on your strengths, will reveal what energises you and what you’re good at; and help you make more conscious decisions about what activities to get involved in, in the future.


Take the time to reflect on your strengths. When you start to utilise and develop your strengths, you’ll feel more energised in your work. This, combined with an increase in productivity, will increase your confidence through focusing on activities that you’re good at and where you can add value.