Your History – how to gain a greater awareness of yourself and your history, so you can make more conscious decisions about your future

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Would you like to uncover and potentially ‘rewrite’ your history?

If so, you need my online course all about you and Your History.

It includes a 17-page downloadable pdf workbook with 4 stages, and a 25 minute video presentation where I share the concept and the benefits of doing a personal history map. I also provide detailed guidance and easy-to-follow instructions on how to complete the activities, as well as activities and journaling prompts to help you think at a deeper level. Plus, I share my own experiences to help with those ‘aha’ moments, recognise similarities, bring new perspectives and inspire you to take action.

In addition to capturing the key experiences and events that have shaped your life, this course is an opportunity to reflect and shift the focus of how you relate to yourself and your history, as well as your thoughts, feelings, needs and wants. Reviewing the significant experiences and events from your past, and the decisions you made, will reveal insights into your values, motivations and strengths; and help you make more conscious decisions about your future.

Take the time to reflect on your past. While I don’t believe the past holds all the answers, it can provide you with so many insights for your future. Remember, your past leaves clues to your greatness and potential.

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