Learn how to use coaching conversations to improve engagement and nurture performance and growth.


Taking time away from the office to develop your career and that of your senior team can be difficult. So I’ve teamed up with the University of Salford to provide a professional development course for leaders that’s accessible from your home or office, allowing you to complete your learning at your own pace when your workload allows.

“Introduction to Coaching” teaches leaders to hold meaningful coaching conversations with team members.


A coaching style supports team members to take responsibility for their behaviours and actions, and encourages them to live up to their potential.  This reduces your need to micromanage, makes it easier to delegate and improves trust and engagement within your teams. 

Working with the key definitions and principles of coaching, the course provides opportunities to reflect on your leadership style and give you the tools to have more productive conversations with your staff.

During this course you’ll discover:

  • How the ‘inner game’ of attitude and psychology affects the ‘outer game’ of performance
  • How to encourage ownership through the setting of personal goals
  • How self-awareness holds the key to personal change, and how to develop self-awareness in members of your team
  • How to avoid misunderstanding and confusion by practising deeper listening skills
  • How to use a coaching style to support better conversations with staff
  • Two easy-to-follow coaching models that can be applied to most situations at work

For more information, or to purchase the course for yourself or your leadership team, please give me a call