Increase your personal effectiveness and make a tangible difference to the delivery of the services you lead

Understanding and improving your Mental Toughness boosts your resilience and confidence so you can thrive in your leadership role.

‘Mental Toughness’ describes the mindset you bring to whatever you do.

Many of the senior leaders I work with lack confidence in their abilities as a leader. Doubting themselves, they avoid difficult conversations and miss out on opportunities to strengthen relationships with their managers and teams.

Without this essential support, they find it harder to achieve results; which reinforces their conviction they don’t have what it takes.

This is a vicious cycle!

Isolated and lacking in confidence, it’s no wonder they’re not making the contribution they long to make; no surprise that opportunities keep passing them by.

To succeed as a leader, you need the resilience and confidence to achieve the results you believe in and recruit the support of others in your organisation.

Without this, you will fail.

How would it feel to know you have what it takes?

The MTQPlus Mental Toughness assessment gives you detailed insights into your mindset, revealing what’s working well and what’s currently holding you back.

You’ll discover where you need to focus to more effectively manage the challenges and complexities of your role.

The assessment, combined with a detailed feedback session, will help you:

  • Find the confidence to influence others and express what you think and feel;
  • Increase your resilience and commitment to achieving your goals;
  • Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone to achieve the results that matter to you;
  • Feel more energised and rediscover a sense of purpose in your work.

Whatever is stopping you from feeling happy and positive or preventing you from achieving results, developing your Mental Toughness puts you firmly back in control.


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Published research shows Mental Toughness plays a major role in:

  • Performance – up to 25% performance variation based on Mental Toughness alone
  • Resilience – more contented, less prone to bullying and better at managing stress
  • Engagement – showing a positive attitude and taking a stronger ‘can-do’ approach
  • Confidence – demonstrating greater ambition and willingness to manage more risk
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By giving me invaluable insight into my own behaviours and drivers, I can honestly say that Andrea has made a tangible difference to the delivery of the services I lead, as well as my own personal effectiveness and direction. This has helped me achieve clarity of thought in chaotic times and during periods of great change within the NHS.

Jan Wilson
Clinical Lead Musculoskeletal Service
NHS, England

I’m Andrea Goodridge, a coach and leadership development consultant. I work with senior leaders who want to stop worrying and overthinking, believe in their abilities and fall back in love with their work.

As a licensed practitioner for the MTQPlus Mental Toughness assessment, I use it to help my clients focus on what they need to do differently to get better results.

Real change starts with understanding how you’re holding yourself back; which is why I provide a personalised feedback session with every Mental Toughness assessment to help you make the changes you need.

When you book your assessment, you’ll receive:

  • Access to complete the MTQPlus Mental Toughness online assessment;
  • Your personalised Mental Toughness report, encompassing your confidence; current level of commitment; sense of control; and how you respond to challenge;
  • A 1-hour feedback session to understand the Mental Toughness model and discover opportunities to develop your Mental Toughness profile based on your needs.

Mental Toughness improves more than your mindset; it helps you identify the skills and behaviours you need to build better relationships, make better decisions and achieve the results that matter to you.

Be a better, happier leader

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