Leadership Retreats to Reflect, Recharge and Refocus on your impact as a leader
A leadership retreat gives you time away from the chaos and pressures of work to focus on you

Join me at the next leadership retreat where you can spend with peers to:
  • Reflect on the real you. An opportunity to gain a greater awareness of yourself, slow down and take your foot off the pedal. A quiet space to think about what’s working and what you need right now.
  • Recharge your mind and body. Give yourself permission to break the urgency cycle of constantly acting and reacting. Gain fresh perspectives from your peers, and boost your positivity and energy.
  • Refocus on what’s important. Invest your time and energy towards doing more of what works for you. Align your priorities, action plan your next steps, and regain your inner confidence.


Andrea Goodridge facilitating a leadership retreat, Ad Florem
Andrea Goodridge - Leadership Retreat

It’s time to put yourself first, and focus on leading yourself so you can lead others

Andrea Goodridge facilitating a leadership retreat, Ad Florem
Leadership Retreat

The leadership retreats are designed for busy leaders who are working at 100 mph, including: Chief Executives, Executive Directors, Directors, Head teachers, Heads of Service,Senior Managers, Business Owners, Councillors and Clinicians.

They are an opportunity to meet peers from different sectors, so you can learn, share and make new connections. I’ll guide you through the day with self-discovery activities, engaging conversations and facilitated topics.

Following the success of the recent retreat, I’m planning 3 more in 2020. They will be in March, June and October 2020 – dates and venues still to be confirmed.

If you’re in need of some time away from the chaos and pressures of work, and ready to invest in yourself, then these leadership retreats are for you. Join ‘Time for You’ and get notified when the 2020 retreat dates are confirmed.

Feedback from previous retreats:

“A worthwhile investment in me.” Bev Messinger, Chief Executive, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

“Valuable time to take stock, remember what makes you the best leader you can be, and make plans to put into practice. An action oriented, deeply reflective day with others.” Sally Bucknell, Director of Diversity & Inclusiveness, Ernst & Young LLP 

“Time to spend some valuable space focusing on me! Time to network with other sectors and have meaningful conversations.” Paula Davies, Head of Education, North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust 

“Unlocking the key to self-evaluation. The start of my journey.” Clint Perren, Head of Cricket Relationships, Lancashire Cricket Foundation

Andrea Goodridge facilitating a leadership workshop, Ad Florem
Leadership Retreat

Join ‘Time for You’ and get notified when the 2020 retreat dates are confirmed.