Leadership Gatherings
For leaders who want to look at leadership in a different way

Let’s talk Leadership

It’s no walk in the park!

The pressure is on to attend back-to-back meetings, make decisions, manage change and support your team.

It’s no wonder taking time out to focus on yourself doesn’t come natural for a lot of leaders.

That’s why The Leadership Gatherings are about putting yourself at the heart of leadership.

Andrea Goodridge of Ad Florem. Leadership Gatherings Masterclasses and Workshops

My goal is to turn leadership on its head

Focus on the ‘internal stuff’!

The focus of the gatherings are about moving your awareness from what’s going on around you – what I call the ‘external stuff’ (your targets, tasks, performance, team) to focusing on what’s going on inside you – what I call the ‘internal stuff’ (your innermost thoughts, beliefs, feelings).

To get the most out of the Leadership Gatherings, you’ll need to do something different. 

And that’s because you want a different result. So, it’s going to take courage, commitment, honesty, intention, and confidence so you can focus on yourself and your leadership.

If you’re an Executive Director, Clinical Director, Headteacher, Head of Department, or Service Lead, and you’re nodding your head in agreement with this approach, then you’ll love The Leadership Gatherings.

Let me help.

5 Principles of Great Leadership. Andrea Goodridge of Ad Florem

As an experienced leadership coach with over 20 years of experience working with leaders from a wide range of sectors, the sessions will be based on my 5 Principles of Great Leadership.

Each month, we’ll focus on a common leadership challenge that aligns with one of these principles. They’ll include a variety of masterclasses, workshops and reflective sessions, with an overall purpose to awaken leaders so they can lead with confidence, feel fulfilled and thrive.

They’re designed to help you:

  • Reflect on yourself and your leadership
  • Learn new concepts and strategies
  • Take purposeful action to develop your leadership practice

So, don’t let the busyness of leadership keep you from becoming the kind of leader you want to be.

Want to watch a recording that captures the highlights and key takeaways from one of the sessions?

The Leadership Gatherings 2023

The Leadership Gatherings will take place monthly:

  • 4 July 2023. 1pm-2pm BST – ‘Internal Stuff’! The hidden factor in leadership success. My Challenge to You: Is your ‘internal stuff’ helping you? Or not?

Give yourself permission to take time out. Switch your attention from everything else and everyone else, and focus on yourself.

Because failing to focus on yourself and your leadership only results in a busy approach of doing what comes next, rather than what needs to be done and what’s important to you. It’s why so many leaders’ actions don’t always feel in alignment with who they really are and what they truly believe in.

When you attend one of the Leadership Gathering, you’ll get the tools and insights you need, to help you become a more effective, confident, and fulfilled leader.