Walking My Way: Leadership and Well-being

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Walking My Way - A Journey of Rediscovery

I’m on a mission to empower individuals like you to thrive in your personal and leadership journey. My work is fuelled by your support, so if you find this blog post valuable and would like to support my efforts in creating more content like this, consider buying me a coffee – every cup counts!

My last walk of 2023 was along the North East coastal path, a 23 km journey filled with challenges from the elements. Up and down hills, scrambling over stiles, squelching through muddy farmers’ fields. 

But despite the many obstacles, and the cold and rain; the beauty along the walk captivated me. As I neared the end of my walk, the clouds parted to reveal glorious sunshine – reminding me that there’s joy everywhere (well …if we take the time to notice)!

Walking my way and unintentional limitations

So, as I reflected on my walks of 2023, I realised I’d unintentionally limited my definition of ‘walking’ to the extra long hikes or challenging treks. This realisation marked the beginning of a personal redefinition of walking ‘on my own terms’ in 2024.

It prompted me to reflect on the variety of walks that bring me happiness, be that epic treks that push my limits, a quick nip around the block to recharge, a peaceful stroll along the canal to unwind, or a wander through the local nature reserve to take in what’s around me and be present. 

I realised I needed to expand my definition beyond the hardcore hikes – after all – it’s all walking!

Walking with my mind, body and soul

In a world filled with trends and norms – specific step counts or predetermined walking distances – it’s easy to walk to meet external benchmarks. 

So, I’ve consciously chosen a different route, where duration and distance have become irrelevant. What matters is to determine what type of walk feels right that day. So, it’s more about the connection forged between my mind, body, and soul and the path ahead.

It’s an exploration of the world around me and the world within me.

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How does this relate to Executives and Leaders?

Imagine incorporating a quick walk around the block into your day? 

Redefine it from just a physical activity, to include a mental reset. This short break allows your mind to breathe, offering a moment of respite from the demands of your day. It can also spark ideas or answers to challenges that have been lingering for weeks. So, if you’re looking to maintain your focus, recharge, or gain a fresh perspective, talk a quick walk around the block!

Or how about turning one of your routine meetings into a walking discussion? 

I can’t be the only person who needs a break from Teams!

This informal setting encourages open dialogue, creativity, and there really is something about not having to stare at people’s faces for the hour, like we’ve all become accustomed to online.

By embracing these approaches, leaders can redefine the act of walking not just for personal well-being but also as a connection and leadership tool. 

Walking my way

As I embark on this journey of ‘walking my way’, feeling a sense of lightness, freedom, and openness to the beauty that surrounds me, I invite you to reflect on what walking means to you this year. 

Do you need to reframe it to make it more enjoyable? 

Let’s take time to wander and wonder together.


 In sharing my story, I hope to inspire reflection in you. We can all get stuck with an old definition, which has the power to keep us from learning and growing. As you read my story, I encourage you to reflect on your own definitions of walking (and indeed anything else) and consider the impact on you and your loved ones, when you redefine things ‘on your terms.’

Remember, the choice is yours

Do you remain stuck with an old definition? Or, do you take some time to redefine things, based on your terms?

Whichever path you choose, embrace it wholeheartedly.

Quote by Ad Florem by Andrea Goodridge. Whatever you choose, embrace it wholeheartedly

I truly believe that if you take the time to reflect on your old definitions, and redefine things ‘on your terms’, it’ll spark a big change in your life. You’ll find confidence you never knew you had, more focus and freedom to a more fulfilling future.

It’s about embracing leadership, on your own terms.


Remember, it all starts with you.

That’s the secret to Great Leadership.

I appreciate your time and engagement in reading this post. As you’ll know, I’m on a mission to empower individuals like you to thrive in your personal and leadership journey. My work is fuelled by your support, so if you found this blog post valuable and would like to support my efforts in creating more content like this, consider buying me a coffee – every cup counts!




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The secret to great leadership starts with you. 

Remember, the most powerful leadership journey ignites from within. 

Ask yourself: How can you spark that inner fire for great leadership to thrive?

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