About Andrea Goodridge, Leadership Coach and Facilitator.


Hi, I’m Andrea Goodridge, a qualified leadership coach and facilitator who supports leaders to focus on leading themselves first. Then you’ll be in a much better place to lead others with confidence.

I work on energy!

I believe in only spending time on activities that energise me and where I feel I can add value. So when I’m not challenging leaders to focus on leading themselves first, I’m inspiring leaders with my stories and articles, and spending time with my family and friends.

My Mum used to say this was very “diva-ish!”
But for me it’s simple. If I’m not going to feel it, and be energised by it, I know I won’t perform at my best! I encourage you to do the same.


Do you feel overwhelmed with your diary full of meetings and to-do list full of ‘stuff’?

Maybe you feel anxious as you find yourself stuck in your head and frustrated because you fail to connect with your colleagues?

While all this is going on, it saps your energy and you lose confidence in your abilities to lead. While you tell yourself you’re ‘doing OK’, deep down you know you’re capable of so much more.

You are.

Let me help.

Leaders from these organisations have worked with Andrea.

Leadership organisations Ad Florem and Andrea Goodridge has worked with coaching courses and retreats

Ad Florem has won

The Northern Enterprise Awards for Best Leadership Development Consultancy in 2019

The Influential Businesswoman Awards for Leadership Coaching Director of the Year (UK) in 2021

The Education and Training Awards for Best Leadership Development Consultancy UK, and Leadership Coaching Director of the Year (UK) in 2022

The Influential Businesswoman Awards for Business Skills Training Coach of the Year (North West England) in 2022

Andrea Goodridge won Leadership Coaching Director Award
"Your skill in peeling back the layers, really helped me look at my inner core."

When I started working with Andrea, I was unclear of my values and needed to revisit my vision and strengths.  Andrea kept things simple and gave me the frameworks to facilitate my thinking. What stood out for me in the coaching sessions was the simplicity of getting to my core values. I had all the answers, but needed to spend the time to look at them in detail without any other distractions.

Now I’m being my authentic-self more of the time, building relationships with new colleagues and making decisions based on my values. Thank you Andrea, your skill in peeling back the layers, helped me look at my inner core and built up a greater understanding of myself.
Phil Bird
Phil Bird
Head of Operations - Domiciliary

Over the last 20 years I’ve supported many leaders across the NHS, local government, housing, further education, private and not for profit sectors. Thanks to online technology, I’ve had the pleasure of working with senior leaders, clinicians, councillors and entrepreneurs in Europe, USA and Latin America.

I’m a professional coach and facilitator, with a Level 7 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring and a Level 7 qualification in Action Learning Facilitation. And, I also hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and a Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector. To further support my clients, I’m also an accredited Strengthscope®, MBTI®, Mental Toughness and Emotional Intelligence practitioner.

So as my Dad would say
"I know my stuff!"

Andrea's leadership motto.
You can't be a great leader, if you're not a great you.


It’s time to find the ‘real you.’

And when I say the real you, I mean who you really are (not the ‘pretend you’ you carry around to make the world think you’re OK).

Stop feeling anxious through overthinking and hiding your emotions. Rethink your self-doubt, and tap into your emotions, so you can show up as the ‘real you’ and express what you really think and feel.


It’s time to focus on your presence.

And when I say presence, I mean how you show up with others and how you connect with others (it’s not just about turning up).

Stop using your ‘busyness’ as an excuse to avoid dealing with a lack of engagement. Be assertive, and have honest conversations. Be explicit so your team know where they stand, while building accountability.


It’s time to take time out.

And when I say time out, I mean take time out, away from the chaos and pressures of work, to reflect, recharge and refocus on you.

Stop focusing on everyone and everything else. Take time to check-in with yourself and look after your wellbeing. Remember you can’t be a great leader, if you’re exhausted.


Here's three ways I can help you focus on leading yourself first.

Leadership Coaching

Stop and look within yourself. The answers are already in your head, you just need the time and space for them to emerge.

Leadership Courses

Informative, engaging, enlightening. Learn and share with other leaders, and take ownership by applying your learning.

Leadership Retreats

Reflect, recharge, and refocus. Time to take stock, remember what makes you a great leader and make plans to put into practice.

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Leadership. It starts with you.
So what are you looking for?

Andrea Goodridge coaching a leader

Someone who’s easy to talk to – “working with Andrea is like talking to a really good friend”

When you’re struggling or overwhelmed, it can be hard as a leader to find the support you need. You’re reluctant to admit that you don’t have all the answers, and that you, too, don’t always feel OK. So you turn yourself inwards, getting stuck in your own head.

You need someone who’s a really good listener. Someone who doesn’t just listen to your words. But they listen to all the spaces in between the words – the emotions.

That’s where I come in. Compassionate, empathetic and easy to talk to. As one of my clients shared “working with Andrea is like talking to a really good friend who you trust implicitly.” I want us to have this connection, so you can be open and speak your mind, without fear of criticism or being seen as a failure, or weak. 

Andrea Goodridge facilitating a leadership retreat, Ad Florem

Someone who’s authentic – my boys would never ask “why’s mum behaving like that?”

When you’re trying to fit in with something or someone, you can portray yourself as someone you’re not. I call this the ‘pretend you.’ It makes you feel frustrated as you flip between the many different versions of ‘you’ and it wastes so much of your energy.

Let me introduce the ‘real you’ and I mean who you really are. When you stop pretending and find out what’s important to you, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I bring the real me to my work. This enables you to bring your real self too. So for whatever reason my two boys walk in the room we’re working together in, they would never ask “why is mum behaving like that!” That’s because from how I’m behaving, they would instantly recognise me for ‘me’, and that’s what I want for you.

Andrea Goodridge facilitating a leadership retreat, Ad Florem

Someone who’s challenging – “if you’re looking for an easy option, then Andrea isn’t for you”

When you’re rushing around at 100mph with back to back meetings and a to-do list full of ‘stuff’, your focus is on everyone and everything else. You’ve stopped showing up with others and fallen into the trap of turning up to process what’s in front of you.

You need some time out. Time which is spent focused on you. I’m not talking about a nice coffee and a chat (although I do love coffee), I mean something that’s going to make you think.

Welcome to challenge! And when I say challenge, I mean digging deep and peeling back the layers, to get to the heart of the issue. As one of my clients shared “if you’re looking for an easy option, then Andrea isn’t for you.” I challenge you to challenge yourself, so you can change your habitual thoughts and behaviour.

Andrea Goodridge facilitating a leadership course, Ad Florem

Someone who’s about change – “I’m all for taking purposeful action, not just doing stuff for the sake of it” 

When you want to change something, but then tell yourself “I can’t commit right now …things aren’t that bad …there’s no point”. You’re not alone. These are common excuses that get in the way of people making a change. Excuses that keep you in the status quo.

You need someone who’ll help you step out of your comfort zone, even when it feels uncomfy. Someone who’ll help you get unstuck, rethink your self-doubt and make a change.

It’s one thing knowing you need to change, it’s another thing, doing something about it. I like it when leaders realise something’s got to change. I LOVE it when leaders are courageous and take action to change. And I mean taking purposeful action based on your insights (not just doing stuff for the sake of it, or ticking boxes).

You can't be a great leader, if you're not a great you.
Want to focus on leading yourself first?

"Andrea asks great questions to get quickly to the heart of the issues."

When I started working with Andrea, I was trying to keep everyone happy. I felt overloaded at work as I was taking on too much. This was leaving me and my team overwhelmed, and work was seeping into my home life.

Andrea is very warm and easy to talk to.  She asks great questions to get quickly to the heart of issues, and focused on my own behaviours and the steps I could take immediately to improve things. 

Through the coaching experience, I’ve realised I can be more organised than I thought, once I create my own boundaries. Thanks Andrea, the coaching has been thought-provoking, positive but challenging, very practical and effective, and tailored to my needs.  

Nicola Kane
Head of Strategic Planning and Research
Transport for Greater Manchester

"We appreciated how our self-doubts and fears were getting in the way."

When we commissioned Andrea to run a workshop on ‘What makes you tick?’ the team were facing uncertainty and a reduction in resources, but ongoing demands for service delivery and change continued.

The workshops was eloquently delivered and pitched exactly right for my team! Andrea gave colleagues time to focus on themselves as individuals, identifying their strengths and exploring what gives them energy at work.

Through appreciating how their self-doubts and fears were getting in the way of them giving their all, the team came away with increased ownership and accountability. Thank you so much for today! I would definitely like Andrea to do some follow-up work with the team.

Ad Florem Leadership Workshop Client Rochdale Council Youth Service Logo
Jayne Taylor
Rochdale Youth Service
Rochdale Borough Council

The creation of Ad Florem in 9 steps.

We didn't know any Latin ...so it was OK to break the rules!

1) The rules: no phones at dining tables.

2) The occasion: family meal out.

3) The task: think of a name for my business.

4) The idea: my son suggested using a Latin word. That way I’d have to explain every time someone asked, and everyone knows how much I love telling stories.

5) The dilemma: nobody knew any Latin!

6) The decision: break the rules! It didn’t take us long to get our phones out.

7) The creation: all thanks to Google Translate (and yes, we were probably the most unsocial family in the restaurant).

8) The outcome: Ad Florem, which in Latin means to flower.

9) The concept: if you get your foundations right (values and strengths), get yourself in the right environment (organisation, manager, team, colleagues) and look after yourself; you’ll flourish.

The formal stuff.

My career started nearly two decades ago, when I worked with an amazing leader in the public sector. She believed in me and showed me the value of working with people and being curious, rather than just ‘processing stuff’ and not adding value. This experience taught me the difference a leader can make when they believe in themselves and feel engaged and inspired by their work.

I went on to develop my knowledge and skills in Organisational Development, and gained a considerable amount of experience in diagnostics and assessments, leadership development programmes, and coaching.

This experience of supporting public sector senior leaders, clinicians and councillors, drove me to join a private consultancy in 2011. It’s here I started to work with other organisations, be curious and challenge habitual behaviour and leadership practices. After gaining this experience of working in a commercial environment, I founded Ad Florem in 2015 with a purpose of helping leaders focus on leading themselves, so they can lead others with confidence.

With my experience of supporting leaders in Europe, USA and Latin America, and knowledge of leaders’ challenges and pressures; I spend my days encouraging leaders to take time out to focus on themselves and their leadership.

I’m recognised for my development and quality standards through AQR InternationalAssociation for CoachingCIPDCMIEMCCPsychological ConsultancyStrengthscope and The Myers Briggs Company.

And …in 2019 Ad Florem won Best Leadership Development Consultancy, in the SME Northern Enterprise Awards, and in 2021 won the Influential Businesswoman Awards for Leadership Coaching Director of the Year (UK).