Do you feel like you've lost who you really are?

You know you need to spend time focusing on yourself, but you’re scared. You don’t want to explore your fears and find out what’s beneath the ‘pretend you’.

You’re not sure where to get started as there’s too much choice.

There’s blogs, research, reflecting on worksheets, coaching, workshops, group coaching programmesretreats!

Even if you decided to do something, you still feel you’ve not got enough time. You’re already working at 100 mph, and got more than enough ‘stuff’ to do.

I can help you slow down and take your foot off the pedal. I’ll help you make sense of your challenges and needs, and more importantly support you to put your learning into purposeful action. So you can stop wasting your energies and feeling like a fraud.

Andrea Goodridge facilitating a leadership workshops
Leadership Workshops with Andrea Goodridge

Over the last twenty years, I’ve helped many leaders flourish, including: Chief Executives, Executive Directors, Directors, Head teachers, Heads of Service, Senior Managers, Business Owners, Councillors and Clinicians.

This support has been through coaching, workshops, group coaching programmes and retreats. It focuses on helping you gain a greater sense of the real you, boost your wellbeing, and believe in your abilities as a leader.

The core of my support is helping you focus on leading yourself so you can lead others from your core values and strengths.

It starts with giving yourself permission to take time out, away from the chaos and pressures of work, to reflect, recharge and refocus on you and your role as a leader.

Andrea Goodridge sat on a desk - Ad Florem
I work on energy!

I believe in only spending time on activities that energise me and where I feel I can add value.  

So when I’m not supporting leaders through coaching, workshops, group coaching programmes or retreats; I’m inspiring you with my Inner Guide to Finding the Real You, leadership articles and FREE Facebook group.

Basically, if I’m not going to feel it, and be energised by it, I won’t perform at my best!

I encourage you as a leader to do the same for yourself. Once you stop going through the motions and start focusing on results that are important to you, you’ll start making a positive contribution at work, and feel energised as you live your life as the real you.

It starts with you!

My clients describe me as a unique blend of warmth and challenge. This means I bring the whole of me to my work. This enables you to bring your whole self too. That’s your real self, not the ‘pretend’ self you carry around to make the world think you’re OK.

That’s because when you stop pretending and take stock of your habitual thinking and unhelpful behaviours, you can discover for yourself what you need to do.

But this won’t be a walk in the park!

While we’re working together, I’ll encourage you to:

Be true to yourself – stop trying to do everything and focus on your values and strengths

Confront your ‘home truths’ – be open minded and recognise that things change once you stop pretending things are OK

Explore your fears  – face up to what’s getting in the way and how you’re holding yourself back

Step out of your comfort zone – push yourself to start doing things differently to see better results

Commit to new behaviours and new ways of thinking – be serious in your intent to change and regain your inner confidence

Andrea Goodridge coaching a leader
Coaching with Andrea Goodridge

Whether you feel overwhelmed by the never-ending challenges at work, drained with the amount of 'stuff' you have to do, or going through the motions and lost who you really are. I can help you regain your inner confidence to be the 'real you' and flourish as a leader.

Looking for Inspiration?

The Formal Stuff

My career started nearly two decades ago, when I worked with an amazing leader in the public sector. She believed in me and showed me the value of working with people and being curious, rather than just ‘processing stuff’ and not adding value. This experience taught me the difference a leader can make when they believe in themselves and feel engaged and inspired by their work.

I went on to develop my knowledge and skills in Organisational Development, and gained a considerable amount of experience in diagnostics and assessments, leadership development programmes, and coaching.

This experience of supporting public sector senior leaders, clinicians and councillors, drove me to join a private consultancy in 2011. It’s here I started to work with other organisations, be curious and challenge habitual behaviour and leadership practices. After gaining this experience of working in a commercial environment, I founded Ad Florem in 2015 with a purpose of helping leaders rediscover their capacity to thrive.

With my experience of supporting senior leaders in Europe, USA and Latin America, and knowledge of leaders’ challenges and pressures; I spend my days encouraging leaders to take time out to focus on their leadership, and move away from the ‘just do it’ solution mentality. This enables them to be more effective leaders and flourish in their personal and professional life.

I’m recognised for my development and quality standards through AQR International, Association for Coaching, CIPD, CMI. EMCC, Psychological Consultancy, Strengthscope and The Myers Briggs Company.