Developing High-Performing Leaders

Reflect on your strengths, challenges and aspirations,
and improve your performance

As senior leaders working in fast paced organisations, you’ll find yourself with little time to think about your team, let alone time to focus on yourself and your leadership practice. This can result in a busy approach of doing what comes next, rather than what needs to be done.

That’s why we support senior leaders to improve their performance by taking time out to reflect on their strengths, challenges and aspirations. With our help, you can:

  • Reflect on your leadership practice in a safe confidential space
  • Learn how to adapt your leadership using a coaching style
  • Identify and utilise your strengths to increase engagement
  • Develop your emotional intelligence to support change and transition
  • Tackle ‘real life’ challenges by trying out different approaches with discussion and support from your peers

Ad Florem supports national and international organisations in the private, public and not for profit sectors. We provide a range of solutions including:

  • Individual Coaching to raise personal awareness of your habits and behaviours, your impact on others and discover opportunities for change
  • Mentoring to plan future goals, explore different perspectives, and facilitate personal and professional growth
  • ‘Challenge Groups’ of up to nine senior leaders, designed to tackle ‘real-life’ issues and foster accountability and trust through discussion, support and the sharing of collective experience
  • Coaching Skills Workshops to improve workplace relationships, increase personal accountability and support more productive discussions with staff
  • Leadership Development Programmes consisting of master classes, workshops and experiential learning, to develop personal and leadership capabilities
  • Strengthscope® profiling system to energise peak performance at work by optimising employees’ strengths and reducing performance risks.

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What Our Clients Say


Case Study: Executive Coaching with a senior leader in the public sector to develop their leadership style and personal leadership approach

Case Study: Executive Coaching with a senior leader in the public sector to improve confidence in their ability to manage people and conflict

Case Study: Leadership Team Coaching with 10 clinicians and 1 senior manager to improve the culture, working practices and management processes within the service


Charlotte Gilbert

“I was so pleased to have had Andrea as my coach. If you need to challenge yourself or if you have a specific goal in mind, then I recommend you engage Andrea to support you in achieving it. She provides a unique blend of warmth and directness. My confidence in my professional abilities grew enormously under Andrea’s direction. If you’re looking for an easy option, then Andrea isn’t for you – but if you are looking for real challenge, support and success then she most definitely is.”

Charlotte Gilbert, Group Head of Risk, Regulation and Performance, One Manchester, England


Lesley Stanley

“With Andrea’s support, I have started to look at positives in situations and think how to turn that into addressing the negatives in that same situation for an improved outcome. I have developed strengths in managing complex situations and recognised it’s alright to look after oneself in achieving a work life balance as ultimately the service will benefit from a more positive approach.

What stood out for me in the coaching was the friendliness of the interactions yet with a clear purpose of what was right for me and the service. Andrea helped me discuss my perspective on issues, how they may be viewed by a manager or peer, and worked with me on coping strategies. Coaching with Andrea has shown me how small changes can facilitate how to look at a situation differently.”

Lesley Stanney, Radiology Clinical Manager, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, England


Andrea is amazing. It's really as simple as that. For the first time, I was able to quantify the impact I had in each position I held and the steps I needed to take to reach my objectives. She was a tremendous mentor that helped me identify key skills I had never realized while giving me the tools to either embrace or adjust.

Josh St. Aubin, President at American Advertising Federation - Tampa Bay, USA


Meg Ward

I was lucky enough to gain Andrea’s help as a Mentor during a difficult time of transition for me. I was moving back to the UK from abroad and was lacking confidence in my ability to make the change to a more fulfilling and rewarding line of work.

I was immediately struck by Andrea’s warm and friendly approach as she worked with me to define my direction, understand my own strengths and generate a strong and confident CV. With Andrea’s help, I felt able to promote myself at a new level, clearly and confidently expressing my value. This has proved to be invaluable help, something I’ve been able to draw on again and again!

Andrea’s mission to support you to “be a better you” absolutely sums up the help I received. I would recommend Andrea to anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills or better understand their strengths.

Meg Ward, Career Direction Coach, Board Member CMI Cymru, Austria

Coaching Skills Workshops

Case Study: Coaching Skills Workshop with senior leaders to encourage a coaching style of leadership and have more productive conversations with their teams


Open Forum Events
  • “Really enjoyed the session, time to reflect and practical tips. Informative and useful slides. I feel more organised in half a day on how to approach team/staff issues.”
  • “Today gave me the insight to tackle some issues. Wish it was a full day!”
  • “Good food for thought.”
  • “Very ‘real’ and informative – good understanding of issues faced by practitioners.”
  • “Excellent. Good pace. Learnt a lot in a limited time.”
  • “Well structured, its better when there is a smaller group, more interactive. Great tips and suggestions made, would recommend it to work colleagues. “
  • “Good pace, good balance between participation and ‘teaching’. Like the size of the group, also like that it wasn’t a stringent programme. Met the needs of the group.”
  • “Lively pace, kept interest, informative.”
  • “Flexible on the day and engaging.”

Senior Leaders, England

Action Learning

Case Study: Action Learning within a service in the public sector to review the current effectiveness of meetings, governance and decision-making within the service

Leadership Development Programmes

Six-month Leadership Development Programme for Executive and Senior Leaders

Eastlands Homes

"I now have a greater openness and confidence in articulating my views."

"It has been valuable to devote time to our development, and have the opportunity to explore with colleagues."

"The strengths based approach has given me an exciting new way to explore team development."

"As a leadership team, there has been improvements with respect to trust and openness, based on what we learnt from the action learning set."

"There has been good progress made in terms of us feeling comfortable and confident about professionally challenging each other as leaders, and responding to the challenge without feeling aggrieved or annoyed."

"We have developed a mind-set that encourages questioning, debating, discussing and learning."

"The situational management model was really helpful and unlocked a particular issue for me."

"I learnt the importance of Emotional Intelligence, not just identifying and managing my own emotions, but also building quality relationships with others."

Eastlands Homes, Manchester, England

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