Developing High-Performance Organisations

Create Change, Embed Learning &
Build A High Performance Culture

As an organisation in an ever-changing world, challenges are never far away. With the constant onslaught of new demands on your time, and faced with limited resources, it’s easy to find yourself looking for a ‘quick fix’ solution or continuing to do things how you’ve always done them, despite disappointing results.

That’s why we support organisations to take time out to create change, embed learning and build a high-performing culture based on resilience and individual accountability. Through our collaborative approach, you can:

  • Understand and acknowledge your starting point by identifying what’s working well, along with the current issues and underlying causes
  • Set your goals for improving performance
  • Tackle obstacles and ‘real life’ issues by utilising the strengths, skills and knowledge within the organisation
  • Develop ownership at all levels of leadership to work collaboratively towards a shared vision

Ad Florem supports national and international organisations in the private, public and not for profit sectors. We can support your organisation with consultancy, diagnostics, transformational change, leadership development and strategy development.

Case Study: Transformational Change programme within the public sector focusing on changing the culture and professional behaviours, and producing planned savings of £1,000,000

Case Study: Organisational Diagnosis within a service in the public sector to understand the current and future state of the service, and make recommendations to enhance performance

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