Developing High-Performance Organisations

Create Change, Embed Learning &
Build A High Performance Culture

As an organisation in an ever-changing world, challenges are never far away. With the constant onslaught of new demands on your time, and faced with limited resources, it’s easy to find yourself looking for a ‘quick fix’ solution or continuing to do things how you’ve always done them, despite disappointing results.

That’s why we support organisations to take time out to create change, embed learning and build a high-performing culture based on resilience and individual accountability. Through our collaborative approach, you can:

  • Understand and acknowledge your starting point by identifying what’s working well, along with the current issues and underlying causes
  • Set your goals for improving performance
  • Tackle obstacles and ‘real life’ issues by utilising the strengths, skills and knowledge within the organisation
  • Develop ownership at all levels of leadership to work collaboratively towards a shared vision

Ad Florem supports national and international organisations in the private, public and not for profit sectors. We can support your organisation with consultancy, diagnostics, transformational change, leadership development and strategy development.

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What our clients say

Case Study: NHS Transformational Change Programme


Our organisation undertook a major piece of business and people change in order to produce planned savings of £1,000,000; focusing on the people and process.

Andrea was instrumental in the creation and delivery of a very robust leadership and management coaching programme, which was fundamental to the delivery of both the Programme and the capacity going forward to continue working in a more efficient and collaborative way.

The level of complexity, histrionics and overall challenge around the change was huge, and recognised by the 'top table' of the organisation.

Andrea's change approach has been outstanding and has produced results quickly in line with key milestones in the Programme.

Finding the right way to engage people through a perfect balance of challenge and support has been the key to progress.

Health Organisation - North West England

Case Study: NHS Service Diagnostic and Recommendations


The project Andrea worked with us on involved a diagnostic exercise to explore the underpinning issues affecting the effective performance of a service within our organisation.

Andrea formed a partnership with the Organisational Development Department to undertake a diagnosis and make recommendations to enhance service performance. The methodology consisted of a start-up facilitated team event utilising the ‘Word Café’ method; survey to capture personal feelings, perceptions and motivation; and individual interviews and focus groups.

Andrea’s style was to ask challenging questions, be emotionally attentive, build rapport and trust; to create the best space for staff to be ready to exchange in dialogue and ensure participation and engagement.

This approach, which viewed the service as a total system, identified the presenting key leadership and engagement issues, their root causes, elements of the role staff were proud of; and engaged staff in making suggestions for service improvement.

The feedback, which was mapped to McKinsey’s 7 S’s model, along with Andrea’s independent assessment of the development priorities, was presented to the Deputy Chief Executive, and staff from the service. This encouraged collaboration across the service, ensured understanding of the feedback, and gained acknowledgement and agreement from staff to enable preparation and engagement with the implementation stage.

Health Organisation - North West England

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