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Want more productive conversations with your team?

Do you:

  • Struggle to take quality time out to think?
  • Struggle to manage perceived ‘difficult’ or unmotivated staff?
  • Struggle with staff not taking ownership of their actions?

If you answered yes …well, you’re not on your own.

Ad Florem Blog

A group of leaders within the public sector could also relate to these questions, and recently attended our CPD-certified workshop in collaboration with Open Forum Events

They were keen to take some time out to focus on their leadership and most importantly find out how to utilise a coaching style to have more productive conversations with their teams.

During the workshop, we explored:

  • How their thoughts and feelings were linked with their performance
  • How they get in their own way, making it harder to achieve their goals
  • How a coaching style supports better conversations with their teams
  • How an adaptive leadership style improves workplace relationships
  • How to hold staff accountable for their actions

The workshop, which involved a number of practical sessions for participants to practice their coaching skills, was a great success and proved the perfect forum for the leaders to explore staffing challenges, consider the impact of their thinking and perceptions and take away actions for positive change.

Andrea Goodridge's Ad Florem workshop

This recent collaboration is also featured on the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Website

To discover how you can have better conversations with your team and find details of future workshops, contact Ad Florem here or connect with Andrea, our founder, on LinkedIn