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There’s no change, without change. So be the change.

Have you ever thought:

  • Things aren’t that bad …they could be worse
  • I’ll start tomorrow …with a clear head
  • I’m not sure it’s really me … it just doesn’t feel right
  • It won’t make that much of a difference …there’s not really any point
  • It’s just a phase I’m going through …it will pass
  • I just can’t commit right now … I’ve got too much on …I’m too tired
Ad Florem Blog

If you answered ‘yes’ …you’re probably among the majority of people reading this, as the responses above are some of the common excuses that get in the way of people committing to and making a change.

Change is about moving from how you do things today, to how you do things in the future. Just this sentence alone clearly shows, change involves some movement.

“Take the first step. No more, no less, and the next will be revealed.” Ken Roberts

If you don’t make any movements, you stand still …you can even stifle. Your life never stands still though …things are moving all the time.

Change is all around you …it’s inevitable …if something doesn’t change this month, you can guarantee it’ll be next month.

Sometimes though you’re not prepared for the change …so it’s much easier to use the excuses. But, if you want to take the first step, you need to make that choice. How you deal with change is a choice …it’s an active decision.

It starts with realising ‘something’ has to change …so, what’s your ‘something?’

Then, this ‘thing’ gets in the way (usually guilt, fear, self-confidence, time …the excuses at the start) …what’s your ‘thing’ that’s getting in the way?

So, do you keep going over your ‘something’ in your head …or do you take a number of steps to make the movement?

This doesn’t have to mean changing your ‘something’ overnight …it means recognising the ‘thing’ that’s getting in the way, turning your ‘something’ into a challenge, and planning your steps to change your ‘something’.

So, I ask you to take a moment of reflection …clear your mind …rise to the challenge …take control …express yourself …become the best possible you, and change your ‘something’.

Be the change you want to be.

Let me know what your ‘something’ is and what your ‘thing’ is …but most importantly, let me know that you’ve changed.

Thanks for exploring with Ad Florem

Photo source: Pawel Romanowski