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Collaboration for Online Learning Course

Ad Florem Online Learning Course

Discover how you can develop at your own pace

As a leader, you’re expected to achieve your objectives at work, which sometimes comes at an expense of your own development. This can leave you frustrated as you can’t find the time to take away from the office to develop your personal and professional goals.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Salford Professional Development in developing and presenting our first online learning course, so you can develop at your own pace, in your home or at your office, when your workload allows.

The “Introduction to Coaching” course will enable you to hold individual coaching conversations with your team, to nurture performance and growth. The course helps you support people to take ownership and responsibility for their behaviour and actions, and to encourage them to reach their potential.

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Ad Florem is a leadership consultancy that challenges leaders to challenge themselves. We help you embed new learning and new ways of thinking, to build a high-performance culture based on collaboration and trust.

Salford Professional Development consolidates the University’s expertise in the continued professional development (CPD) area, and helps people achieve their career goals through lifelong learning and development programmes that draw upon over 100 years of educational excellence.